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PAIDADVERTISEMENT Doctors Stunned As Seniors Everywhere Are Regaining Lost Memories Thanks To New Pill Breakthrough clinical studies conducted at leading US universities show remarkable results in memory loss on a cellular level BOSTON, MA – There is new hope for those suffering from increased instances of forgetfulness, brain fog and embarrassing “senior moments.” Thanks to a brand new ground-breaking discovery thousands of men and women across America are taking their lives back from “memory loss hell.” Over 1 million doses have already been shipped to memory loss sufferers across the nation and sales continue to climb for the new memory restoration pill, Lycathin. “We knew we had a great product that could help a lot of people, but we never expected this huge demand,” said Justin Ashcraft, Founder of BioReginify – the company behind Lycathin. But a closer look at Lycathin suggests that maybe the company should not have been surprised. CONCERNS ABOUT YOUR MIND AND MEMORY LOSS It’s an increasingly common occurrence for anyone over 50: You walk into a room and forget why you’re there. You spend 20 minutes looking for your glasses, only to realize they’ve been on your head the entire time. In the United States alone over 5.2 million seniors deal with issues like these every day. While mostly harmless at first, memory loss can be both embarrassing and terrifying. Is it simple forgetfulness? Or the beginning signs of something far worse? Of all forms of mental illness, slowly losing your memory ranks among the most feared. But now, researchers from Boston University School of Medicine alongside scientists from Harvard Medical School discovered a new remarkable compound proven to combat memory loss! Their studies show that the active ingredient found in the recently released non-prescription memory pill called Lycathin, not only cleans your mind and enhances your memory by building stronger neural networks, something scientists previously believed impossible just a few years ago, but does so without the harmful side effects found in commonly prescribed drugs such as dizziness, headaches, and stomach pain! YEARS OF CLINICAL RESEARCH FINDS NEW SOLUTION During a decade-long clinical study, conducted by Dr. Coreyann Poly from Boston University School of Medicine, scientists monitored 1,391 subjects and the effects of the active ingredient found in Lycathin on their memory. The results seem hard to believe. Yet the findings are published in the world’s most prestigious medical journals for all to see. Of the 1,391 participants in the study, those who received the active ingredient found in Lycathin received eye-popping results especially in the areas of mental performance including visual, and A Doctor studies brain scan results that show the unique memory restoring ability of the ingredients in Lycathin… a new pill for memory loss that is currently sweeping the nation verbal memory. These participants also displayed better creative thought, improved learning, better focus, and enhanced memory recall. Additionally, and what has doctors and scientists so excited, these same subjects also showed dramatic decreases in the presence and formation of WhiteMatter Hyperintensities (WMH). WMH formations are nasty growths in the brain that occur as you age. Not only are they responsible for memory loss but their presence is also linked to tripling your chances of having a stroke and doubling your risk of developing dementia. Thanks to this amazing breakthrough, memory loss sufferers are finally taking their lives back and in recognition of her discovery, Dr. Poly won the Julie Fund Award for Outstanding Research and Contribution to Medicine. HOW DOES IT WORK? Scientists estimate that you have 86,000,000,000 neurons in your brain and they all communicate predominantly through chemical signals called neurotransmitters. As your body ages it stops producing the material needed to maintain active and healthy neural chemicals. In the clinical study, it was discovered that the active ingredient compound in Lycathin, called Choline, increases the availability of the building blocks needed to create these vital chemicals. Thusly Lycathin rejuvenates your brain and neurotransmitters by building stronger connections, repairing old ones, and allowing once inhibited neurons to communicate faster as your mind forms mental pathways with ease. This process drastically improves your memory, concentration, and the overall functionality of your mind on a cellular level. Additionally, the presence of now healthy neurotransmitters in your brain reverses the progress of currently growing WMH formations and strengthens your mind’s ability to prevent new ones from forming in the future. This shrinkage and elimination of WMH formations lowers your risk of future memory loss as well as significantly decreases your risk of both stroke and dementia caused by WMH. DOCTOR PROVEN AND PATIENT APPROVED People all over the country are thrilled with the results they’ve gotten with Lycathin. Here’s what some of them are saying: “I love this product! I was having trouble finding words and remembering things, which concerned me because Alzheimer’s runs in my family. Now I’m sharp as a tack with a memory like an elephant. I’ll never stop taking it.” Brian B. Reno, NV “Shortly after beginning to take Lycathin, the mental fog that was bothering me began to disappear. I feel better than I have in a long time.” Nate W. San Diego, CA “I was having concentration problems and difficulty remembering things. I would stay at home more often for fear of not remembering where I was or where I was going. After just one week, I felt mentally energized and more confident, able to remember things without fear. I’ve regained my confidence and my - Ana F. freedom.” Milford, Ohio “Before I started taking Lycathin I would find myself arriving at the store with no idea what I was supposed to get. I would call up family and friends not knowing why I called in the first place. Now my memory is as strong as it was when I was younger. The constant fear of forgetting where I was or what I was doing is gone.” - Shirley Y. Phoenix, AZ SPECIAL OPPORTUNITY FOR OUR READERS After the official release recently, Lycathin is now experiencing explosive growth across the United States. The company responsible for bringing Lycathin to the market is offering a special RISK FREE MONTH supply to anyone who calls within the next 48 hours. An Order Hotline has been set up for local readers to call. This gives everyone an equal chance to try Lycathin. Starting at 7:00 AM today, this discount offer will be available for 48 hours. All you have to do is call TOLL FREE 1-800-316-1312 right now. Then, provide the operator with the special discount approval code: BR05 which entitles you to a RISK FREE MONTH with your qualifying order. The company will do the rest. Important: Due to Lycathin’s recent media exposure, phone lines are often busy. If you call and do not immediately get through, please be patient and call back. THESE STATEMENTS HAVE NOT BEEN EVALUATED BY THE FDA. THIS PRODUCT IS NOT INTENDED TO DIAGNOSE, TREAT, CURE, OR PREVENT ANY DISEASE. RESULTS MAY VARY.

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