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REND LAKE COLLEGE ANNUAL FINANCIAL REPORT For the Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 2017 Community College District No. 521, Counties of Franklin, Jefferson, Hamilton, Perry, Washington, Wayne, White, & Williamson, State of Illinois Total District Assessed Valuation: $963,143,894 (2016 payable 2017) Total District Bonded Debt: $20,371,912 Tax Revenue: Extensions Rates Education Fund $2,022,516 0.2100 Operations & Maint Fund $446,879 0.0464 Bond & Interest Fund $2,901,908 0.3013 Operations & Maint Restrict Fund $190,000 0.0197 Liability, Protection, & Settlement Fund $675,000 0.0701 Audit Fund $44,688 0.0046 STATEMENT OF REVENUE AND EXPENDITURES For the Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 2017 Education Operations Bond & AUDITED REVENUE BY SOURCE Fund & Maint Fund Interest Fund Local Government Local Taxes $1,949,722 $428,017 $1,826,862 Corporate Personal Property Replacement Taxes $467,210 $$Chargeback Revenue $26,610 $$Other $$$20,220,570 TOTAL LOCAL GOVERNMENT $2,443,542 $428,017 $22,047,432 State Government ICCB Base Operating Grants $3,040,229 $$ICCB Equalization Grants $1,654,993 $1,654,993 $ICCB Career & Technical Education Grants $693,290 $$All Other ICCB Grants $$$Other $$$TOTAL STATE GOVERNMENT $5,388,512 $1,654,993 $Federal Government Dept. of Education $$$Dept. of Labor $$$Dept. of Health & Human Svcs $$$Other $$$TOTAL FEDERAL GOVERNMENT $$$Student Tuition and Fees Tuition $7,244,996 $$Fees $1,495,031 $$Other Student Assessments $$$TOTAL TUITION & FEES $8,740,027 $$Other Sources Sales and Service Fees $$$Facilities Revenue $$43,283 $Investment Revenue $(21,796) $$13,361 Nongovernmental Grants $$$Other $714,705 $79,018 $211,342 TOTAL OTHER SOURCES $692,909 $122,301 $224,703 TOTAL REVENUE $17,264,990 $2,205,311 $22,272,135 AUDITED EXPENDITURES BY PROGRAM Instruction $6,252,056 $$Academic Support $533,301 $$Student Services $889,805 $$Public Services $106,707 $$Operation of Plant $$2,332,647 $Institutional Support $3,203,030 $178,934 $Scholarship, Grant, Waivers $3,454,558 $$Other Expenses $$$Retirement of Debt $$$12,081,188 TOTAL EXPENDITURES $14,439,457 $2,511,581 $12,081,188 TRANSFER IN (OUT) NET $ (562,111) $$BEGINNING FUND BAL AT 7/1/16 $11,419,276 $469,001 $623,108 ENDING FUND BAL AT 6/30/17 $13,682,697 $162,732 $10,814,055 Other Tax Funds $877,115 $$$$877,115 $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$10,514 $$20,820 $31,334 $908,449 $$$$$273,102 $663,740 $$$$936,842 $$996,892 $968,499 PROGRAM STATEMENT REGARDING THE TOTAL PROGRAM OF THE COLLEGE Rend Lake College provides university-parallel instruction for students wishing to pursue curricula requiring professional training beyond the associate-degree level. Rend Lake College provides a broad range of technological, business, and other occupational training for direct entry into the labor market. Rend Lake College provides opportunities through its adult and continuing education program for formal and informal learning experiences which will help service the cultural, civic, recreational, and educational interests of the citizens of the Rend Lake College district. Rend Lake College provides an opportunity for growth and development for those students whose educational background does not qualify them for immediate entry into other curricula. Rend Lake College provides an opportunity for personal, educational, and vocational counseling to assist students in understanding aptitudes, choosing possible goals, and realizing educational goals. Angie Kistner, Vice-President of Finance & Administration ANNUAL ENROLLMENT DATA BY SEMESTER Unduplicated Figures Summer, 2016 Fall, 2016 Spring, 2017 Totals, Fiscal 2017 Headcount 1,448 3,585 3,712 8,745 Full-Time Equivalency 914 1,913 1,867 4,694 STAFF DATA Number of Employees Full-Time Part-Time and Student Workers 180 225

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