Automotive window tinting has been popular for decades. There’s no denying it provides privacy and gives a great visual look to any automobile, if done correctly.

Of course there are other benefits to getting your windows tinted than just for looks. Window film helps protect your car’s interior and also will help keep you cooler in the hot summer sun.

I recently sat down with Marc Hultgren, owner of Window Film Company/Sound Co. in Marion.

Hultgren has over 20 years of experience with window film. He is also a perfectionist. He uses only top quality materials and has the skills and parts to handle any project.

“I got into window tinting many years ago,” said Hultgren. “I just started out in the garage doing my car and my friends cars. It’s always been something I’ve enjoyed doing.”

Hultgren went on to say that over 20 years ago he and other business partners purchased and opened Sound Co. in Marion. The stereo business isn’t as big as it once was but window tinting is as popular as ever. He said he currently averages more than 30 automobiles a week.

Hultgren has state of the art equipment which includes a Graphtec plotter. The plotter allows Hultgren to made precision cuts of window film for any vehicle, which keeps sharp blades away from your investment.

“The plotter just makes things much easier for us,” said Hultgren. “We no longer have to cut film in and around vehicles. It’s more accurate and it speeds things up for us as well. ”

Only the highest quality films are used by Hultgren, including industry leading Llumar films.

Hultgren is very knowledgeable about his craft and has tinted just about any vehicle you can name.

There are also many options for window films. You don’t have to go really dark anymore just to reject the heat. New ceramic films are nearly invisible yet reject heat just as well as, if not better than, other films.

For more information on window film contact Marc at 618-993-3975 or drop by 1203 Enterprise Way in Marion to schedule an appointment or receive an estimate for all your window film needs.

You can also visit to see other services Hultgren offers including commercial building tinting.

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