Chapter 7

Dwight A. Warren, P.O. Box 397, McLeansboro

Kimberly A. Eubanks, 4221 Sassafras, Mount Vernon

Jesse Thomas McFeron, 9321 N. Slim Lane, Ashley

Steven A. Andrews, P.O. Box 16, New Haven

Hanan B. Issawi, 1008 W. Main St., Carmi

Joseph P. Aloffo, P.O. Box 246, Herrin

Keith A. and Gayle A. Darter, Sr., 1416 W. Maple St., Herrin

Gayla M. Endersbe, P.O. Box 422, Sesser

Kerry J. Menz, 303 N. Main St., Zeigler

Jeremy N. Tellor, 2635 Old Highway 51 N., Cobden

Trisha Ann Harrell, 244 N. Line St., Du Quoin

Megan R. and Michal C. Martinez, 104 N. Division St, Allendale

Hollie M. Taylor, 235 Coffee Road, Harrisburg

Jennifer L. Kesler, 309 Walnut St., Energy

Chad D. and Melissa C. Hess, 556 County Road 600 East, Norris City

Curtis Grant and Teresa Diane Fry, 509 N. 20th St., Herrin 

Bobby L. and Pamela R. Chrisco Jr., 315 S. Washington St., Du Quoin

Mark and Heather Andrews Thornton, 260 Gibbons Road, Harrisburg

Beth Al Horton Seymore, 108 Halia Crest, Mount Vernon

Edward L. and Brittany N. Allen, 111 Baggott St., Zeigler

Anthony W. Kahtz, 1412 Harrison, Mount Vernon

Nancy J. Riggs, 1131 County Road, 600 E, Carmi

Melissa Sue Light, 1257 Country Club Road, Metropolis

Kristen Kay Seed, 1914 Clarke St., Murphysboro

Stephanie Jo Cima, 404 S. Carbon St., Marion

Phillip T. and Dorothy A. Johnson, 303 W. Poplar St., Du Quoin 

Heather D. Hayes, 645 Moore Road, Eldorado

Amanda J. Gibson, 709 39th St., Cairo

B. Keith and Jennifer L. Ridings, 2125 Wall St., Murphysboro

David E. Ballowe, 705 S. Valley Road, Carbondale

Ashley N. Nichols, 2 S. Illinois Ave., Du Quoin

Chis Couty, 3205 W. Lakeview Road, Marion

Robert R. Roth, 15898 E. Davis Road, Opdyke

Rhonda Iva Tracy, 15440 State Route 142, McLeansboro

Leslie J. Williams, 7164 Peach Lane, Carbondale

Stephanie A. Mauser, 5705 State Route 4, Apt. A., Steeleville

James L. Bales Jr., P.O. Box 146 Creal Springs

Kimi H. Yemon, 201 Barn Wood Lane, Carbondale

Robert R. Roth, 15898 E. Davis Road, Opdyke

Rhonda Iva Tracy, 15440 State Route 142, McLeansboro

Scott A. Vanduker, 606 S. Madison, Marion

Connie Sue Fisher, 4551 Orchard Road, Metropolis

Mary A. Woods, 8242 Lily Pad Lane, Du Quoin

James Randall Lowery, 703 Candy Cane Lane, West Frankfort

Andrea Lynn Bruington, 700 S. Main St., Harrisburg

Stephanie E. Smith, 24220 Greg Hollow Road, Thebes

Gregory A. Cavitt, 23352 Drake Road, Creal Springs

David Michael Seagle, 109 Merry Acres, Carterville

Donald Ross and Amanda Marie Thombleson, P.O. Box 284, Allendale

Jeremy J. Jennings, 409 S. 19th St., Herrin

Nola Mae Wallace, 304 W. Stockton St., Marion

Margaret Rose Lorraine Heibel, 203 W. Fifth St., Johnston City

Riley O. Vaughn, 421 Harrell Ave., Omaha

Frank Nolan Green, 1003 E. S. St., Du Quoin

Cody A. Robinson, 3198 Jerusalem Road, Pomona

Tammi M. Wolff, 204 Williams Court, Vergennes

Deborah J. Clover, 1625 Rattlesnake Ferry Road, Alto Pass

Paul M. Edwards, 515 S. Dean St., Royalton

Larry K. and Debbie L. Powers Sr., 482 County Road 100N, Wayne City

Richard D Hale, 1006 Westwood Drive, Mount Carmel

Justin T. Clevenger, 806 Church, Christopher

Geoffrey L. and Tiffany L. Pottorff, 28 N. Highland East, Mount Vernon

Floyd A. Cohoon Jr., 616 Vienna St., Metropolis

Lori J. Spencer, 819 A. Parkview Lane, Metropolis

Casey M. VanBuskirk, 516 N. Summers St., Du Quoin

Tonya R. and Jay C. Stoll, 2 Clark Lane, Metropolis

Beverly K. Krawczyk, 4295 Lick Creek Road, Buncombe

Brian M. and Carolyn M. Leftridge, 620 Somerset St., Murphysboro

Robert F. Najewski, 496 S. Locust St., Richview

Kimberly J. Marks, 602 W. Colp, Pittsburg

Jack Dean Flanagan, 1201 S. 22nd St., Mount Vernon

Alma Ruth Burwell, 603 N. Seventh St., Mount Vernon

Chapter 13

Pamela S. Ice, 1101 Ohio St., Apt. 703, Cairo

Chikitta D. McClung, 108 S. McKinley St., Mounds

Carita L. Collier, 2305 Park Ave., Cairo

Tammeetra C. White, 700 E. Campus Drive, Carbondale

Ronald L. and Madonna M. Williams, POB 61, Oakdale

Jeffrey A. Rajamaki, Route 1 Box 72B, Herod

Joshua Daniel and Cynthia D. Hogg, 2309 Locust, Eldorado

Candace J. Lewis, 301 E. Allen Ave., Marion

Vincent M. and Rosa L. Barringer, 27112 State Highway 127, Tamms

Michael Harrison and Ginger Ann Meeker, 314 E. Third St., Metropolis

Brandon A. Roland, 1104 S. Division St., Carterville

Tanya L. Ukena, 207 NW Ninth St., Fairfield

Irving L. and Flossie G. Tucker Jr., 871 State Route 3, Rockwood

Michael L. Paquet, 400 Main St., Karnak

Cheryl Ellen Brown, 604 Chesterfield Commons, Apt. B, Mount Vernon

Jason G. and Jennifer D. Fisher, 315 Blossom St., Carterville

Michael W. Leith, 13690 County Highway 12, Venedy

Duane L. and Tammy L. Essex, 310 E. Lindell, West Frankfort

Kaila Jeneen Tyner, P.O. Box 42, Elkville

Tara A. Siddon, 310 N. First St., Vienna

David James and Lisa L. Tindall, 4820 Lybarger Lane, Ellis Grove

Derrek A. Kahl, 705 S. Main, Benton

Jamie Lee Fuller, 3949 Herrin Road, Herrin

Steven L. Richerson, 1012 S. 24th St., Mount Vernon

James and Janet R. Jines, 1017 N. 14th St., Mount Vernon

Kody Michael and Kayla Ho Henson, 403 Seventh St., Carmi

Nola F. Parker, 903 Broadway, Johnston City

Cary Denise Brown, 602 S. 24th St., Mount Vernon

Karen A. Ogden, 501 N. 12th St., Herrin


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