Chapter 7

Jimmy D. Bell, 408 W. Cherry, McLeansboro

Jennifer Alys Casteel, 105 E. Raymond St., Harrisburg

Jason R. Seveson, 1315 W. Cherry St., Apt. C, Marion

Richard L. and Maggie Brown Morgan, 110 S. Forest Ave., Carbondale

Vincent R. and Kimberly S. Stevers, P.O. Box 644, Harrisburg

Betty J. Brannan, 18715 State Hwy 149, West Frankfort 

Susan E. Mayberry, 15405 County Road 800 North, McLeansboro

Thomas Jefferson and Ginger Leigh Dobbs, 101 Van Wyck Square, Carterville

Chad William Wargel, P.O. Box 5, Ridgway

Aleta Michelle Hadding, 315 Madison St., Benton

La Vaughn Enis, 2112 Melanie Lane Apt. A, Marion

Angelina D. Boles, 901 E. Boulevard St., Apt. D, Marion

George L. and Toots M. Callahan, 211 Stone St., Carterville

Ray C. Toliver Jr., 905 E. Park, Apt. L1, Carbondale

Karen Marie and Kevin Lavern McBride, 114 E. 20th, Metropolis

Francisco and Julie Marie Rebolledo, 407 N. State St., Christopher

Terrence Lamar Young, 603 Chesterfield Commons F, Mount Vernon

Karen Lavonne Bunton, 501 N. Pope, Du Quoin

Job Ryan Hobbs, 749 N. Division, Apt. 3, Du Quoin

Heather J. Creamer, 407 James Ave., Carmi

Victoria S. Verdick, 195 Newton Lane, Goreville

John A. James, 220 E. Perry, Du Quoin

Clayton D. Craig, 19877 Saltpetre Road, Creal Springs

Janetta L. Johnson, 206 Pearl St., Mound City

Holly N. Gearing, 59 Long Lane, Carbondale

Garrin A. otto, 303 S. Musselman, Du Quoin

Justin Lee Whitaker, 3135 Elkville Road, Vergennes

Thomas Eugene Edwards Sr., P.O. Box 664, West Frankfort

Danny L. and Barbara A. Sawyers, 804 Pell Road, Brookport

Tracey Dawn Conner, 4295 E. Magic Road, Woodlawn

Tiffany J. Shelton, 15897 N. Woodlawn Lane, Woodlawn

Darwin N. Roddy and Maliaka T. Evans, 222 Richland Terrace, Mounds

Tammy S. Overton, 801 N. Maple St., Benton

Misty Dawn Adkins, P.O. Box 392, Ullin

Chester Lynn and Kenya Annette Helderman II, 123 Baggott St., Zeigler

Jackie L. Williams, P.O. Box 96, Elkville

Claude A. and Janet K. Filkins, 210 S. Hancock St., McLeansboro

David A. Comrey, 11218 Shadow Road, Marion

Paul M. and Nancy K. Spiller, 1104 Meadowlark Drive, Carterville 

Carl A. Hempen, 303 N. Washington Blvd., West Frankfort

Keosha C. Finch, P.O. Box 922, Murphysboro

Roy and Shirley McHarry, 160 N. Locust St., Ullin

Melanie A. Faust, 17723 Elm Road, Hoyleton

John M. Williams, 146B E. Vienna St., Anna

George J. Clark, 1404 N. Garfield, Apt. A, Marion

Bryce E. and Hilary M. Elliston, 2807 Casey Ave., Mount Vernon

Oteria G. Morgan, 4260 Heritage Ave., Apt. 218, Mount Vernon

Cathy Lynn and Jason Alexander Cladis, 4042 Hillerman Road, Grand Chain

George L. and Laverna B. Simmons, 401 E. School St., Apt. 12, Cave In Rock

Shawnice R. Acree, 1302 W. Maplewood, Marion

Shai L. Spurlin, 925 S. Washington, Harrisburg

Sherry Lynn Adams, 802 Wastena St., Apt. A, Benton

Mervin L. Conover, P.O. Box 118, New Burnside

Lorene M. Kelley, 1200 North Ave., Apt. B, Metropolis

David H. Martin and Valerie R. Webb Martin, 620 Opdyke St., Chester

Jeffrey D. Mitchell, 236 Ridge Drive, Chester

Debra J. Vaughn, P.O. Box 182, Colp

Robert D. and Wendy R. Cathell Jr., 1013 Westside St., Red Bud

Stewart W. and Doris L. Kenley, 19500 Galatia Post Road, Marion

Wendy Renea Winslow, 1111 Peterson Ave., Johnston City

Lawrence Van and Susan Ann Endres, P.O. Box 455, De Soto

 Jeremy D. Wolfmeier, P.O. Box 655, Tilden

William A. Walker, 2263 County Hwy 2, Cisne

Clyde A. and Melissa A. Smith, 406 W. Section Line Road, Wayne City

Michael Gregory and Julie Ann Williams, 1338 County Road 800 E, Carmi

Chris Leon and Linda S. Buchanan, 700 E. Eighth St., Metropolis

Heidi R. Geisler, 1309 Truman, Marion

Chapter 13

Zachary A. and Michelle K. Murphy, 1504 Browns Lane, Marion

Michael S. Poe, 202 Burlison St., Buckner

Angel D. Richardson, 104 W. Mill, Galatia

Colman P. Dunbar, 421 N. 18th, Herrin  

Monica R. Dunbar, 36 Blackberry Lane, Carbondale

Gary E. Jones, 1101 E. Bond, Benton

Paul Michael Montalbano, 2606 Ingersol Lane, Marion

Carolyn Sue Rice, 614 Cypress Lane, Sparta

Robert A. and Brandolyn Michelle Albaugh, 705 N. Van Buren St., Marion

Matthew E. and Ashtyn B. Greer, 955 Hound Dog Ridge Road, Vienna

Robert J. Willett III, 565 Karel Park Road, Raleigh

William G. Naas II, 9045 Shawnee Hill Road, Shawneetown

Jennifer S. Ochs, 1127 Plum St., Mount Carmel

Lloyd E. McCann, 137 W. Chestnut, Anna

Timothy Lee and Lisa L. Gleghorn, 103 S. Spillertown Road, Marion

John S. Stempora, 820 W. Mill St., Apt. 305 B, Carbondale

Cheryl R. Acree, 1100 S. Liberty St, Marion

Richard W. Morehead, 662 Creekside Lane, De Soto

Monique M. Roberson, P.O. Box 16, Mound City

Sheilia M. Mack, P.O. Box 9, Pulaski

Dustin L. Baker, 19636 Ferrell Church, Marion

Shelly R. Clutts, 206 W. Seventh St., West Frankfort

Cheryl Lynn James, 14470 Cambria Road, Carterville

Gary L. Baker, 19636 Ferrell Church Road, Marion

Billie R. Earl, 104 S. 19th Herrin

Joseph E. Miller II, 1090 Liberty Road, Harrisburg

Sheila K. Capps, 2412 W. Cherry St., Herrin

Dave D. and Katina M. Reed Jr., 712 Third St., Mounds

Daniel A. and Julie M. Anderson, P.O. Box 326, Creal Springs

Joe Junior Hamilton, 3308 W. Main, Marion


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