Chapter 7

Larry E. and Katherine M. Woten, 85 Qwen Drive, Goreville

Joy R. Marks, 1601 New Era Road, Apt. 106, Carbondale

Shayla A. Weirauch, 105 Reynolds Cemetery Road, Harrisburg

Melissa S. Smith, P.O. Box 67, Tamms

Linda Jean Bridges, 4157 District 204 Road, Tamaroa

Matthew Michael Huffine, 307 S. Bentley, Marion

David W. and Anna M. Schwaner, 15075 E. Reef Road, Mount Vernon

Heather R. Westfall, 208 W. Goodall St., Apt. D, Marion

Jimmy F. and Deborah S. Robinson, 1006 Blakely St., West City

Kenneth J. and Wilma D. Holder, P.O. Box 292, Cambria

Ella Kristen Dixon, 700 N. 26th St., Herrin

Teresa M. Islas, 307 N. Hickory St., De Soto

Stephanie A. Bowen, 1378 Olive Branch Road, Mounds

Aaron J. and Dorothy M. O'Bright, 14458 Binkley Road, Johnston City

Steven A. and Julie A. Hand, 11061 Poplar St., Coulterville

Lisa M. Hartline, P.O. Box 341, Cobden

Ian and Paige N. Morgan, 103 W. Eighth, West Frankfort

George C. Stiefel, 2210 Casey, Mount Vernon

Joseph Eugene and tosha Kay Phoenix, 417 N. 4 1/2 St., Murphysboro

Allen L. Klein, 612 N. Madison St., Marion

Kim R. Lowe, 424 32nd St., Cairo

Debra L. Tripp, 6050 Lingle Creek Road, Jonesboro

Mary M. Jordan, 13027 Prosperity Road, Marion

Donovan D. and Deanna M. Myers, 13996 Christmas Tree Road, Johnston City

Karee D. Clark, P.O. Box 118, Valier

Clifford A. and Kaen E. Cahoon, 213 Casey Road, Murphysboro

Terri A. Williams, 205 N. 20th, Herrin

Shelby Lynn Kermicle, 306 S. Second St., Albion

Ella B. Green, 709 S. 19th St., Mount Vernon

Stephanie A. Odum, 510 North St., Mount Vernon

Christina E. Madden, 1963 Cord 2200 N, Clay City

Beth A. Marks, 811 W. Ernestine Ave., Christopher

Jonathan W. Robertson, 338 Murphy St., Murphysboro

Mary H. Cerami, 41 Peaceful Lane, Carbondale

Christian G. Turner, 12030 Hudgens Road, Marion

Tony Lee and Christine Ann Pickering, 5500 U.S. Hwy 45 S, Harrisburg

Jessica E. Tonias, 194 Villa Knoll Pase, Apt. A., Carbondale

Lisa Kaye Taylor, 2334 County Highway 1, Clay City

Raymond L. and Kimberly F. Scott, P.O. 716, Sesser

Christopher M. and Amber K. Durham, 5 Buena Vista Drivbe, Murphysboro

Clifford E. and Denise R. Brooks, 2902 N. Main St., Eldorado

Aaron J. Taylor, 12037 Hwy 4, Ava

Evelyn M. Foster, 1502 E. Stella St., West Frankfort

Curtis G. Maddox, 50 Blue Hole Road, Harrisburg

Jozzette Denique Walker, 6290 Kimberly Mill Road, Atlanta, Georgia

Wendy Shelton, 904 E. Summers, West Frankfort

Judith Ann Hammonds, 327 W. Fifth St., Johnston City

Michael J. Dennis, 105 Darlene Lane, Percy

Stephanie A. Moutria, 303 W. Walnut, Carrier Mills

Theresa P. Bennett, 54 Timber Hollow Drive, Carbondale

Chaise D. and Domineak S. Miller, 1205 California, Carterville

Ricky Lee and Jennifer Anne Benedict, 26 Westwood Drive, Mount Veron  

Jessica D. Dardeen, P.O. Box 92, Shawneetown

Homer L. and Pamela S. McCalla, 1405 Grand Ave., Johnston City

Megan Leigh Campbell, 605 E. Jefferson St., McLeansboro

Jeffery K. and Tiffany D. Orman, RR 1 Box 306 A, Cave In Rock

Daniel James and Alicia Ann Dunn, P.O. Box 238, Pittsburg

Mike James Eldridge, 806 E. Garland St., West Frankfort

Chapter 13

Frances Lipsey, 1008 N. Radcliffe St., Marion

Jeffrey A. McGee and Terry Y. Trotter McGee, 2108 E. Elm, West Frankfort

George J. Martin, 800 Burgess Ave., Johnston City

Jennifer Dawn Caine, 411 Railroad St., Grand Tower

Nicholas O. Morgan, 33 County Road 050 North, Thompsonville

Nickolas Jeffrey Stout, 19 Gregg Lane, Harrisburg

Jason K. Holder, P.O. Box 244, Cambria

Phillip W. and Brenda K. Stone, 209 N. Blanche St., Mounds

Lisa Diane Jeffers, 1014 Vienna, Metropolis

Harley T. Roehm, 21654 Benton St., Thompsonville

Mary M. Simpson, 130 Ryan Lane, Apt. 1, De Soto

Logan K. Woods Willis, 669 State Route 51, Du Quoin

Jay S. Stella, 9747 Steel City Road, Benton

Troy D. and Rachel A. Dunning, 400 W. Collins St., Goreville

Michael K. Morgan, 10024 E. Richview Road, Mount Vernon

Pamela J. Thompson, 208 B Kolher St., Anna

Darlia Baldridge Jensen, 8322 E. Alex Road, Dix

Betty J. Hutchison, 504 E. Vine St., Anna

Leticia Vicente, P.O. Box 69, Cobden

Robert W. Skelton, 237 Phemister Road, Carbondale

Kerry A. Arnold, 100 N. Jasper St., Jonesboro

Barbara I. Reese, 1200 W. Fourth St., Apt. 252

Nathan E. Newberry, P.O. Box 387, Dongola

Nancy L. Buecher, 575 Country Club Drive, Apt. E2

Patricia A. Albert, 303 W. Read, Energy

Newton O. Kindle, 23181 N. Copple Lane, Walnut Hill

Thomas A. and Carolyn J. Elliott, 306 E. Lincoln St., Karnak

Joey Lee and tina Jo Younger, 818 W. O'Gara, Harrisburg

David Michael Doyle and Michelle Kay McCabe Doyle, 9744 N. Spring Garden Lane, Mount Vernon

Kendall L. and Carrie A. Scott, 7563 McLeansboro, Benton


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