Solomon teaches there is a season for everything. That's so true since today ends my weekly column at The Southern. Sad indeed, but time for the next part of my journey. More in a bit.

Before I head out, I have zero plans to cram many key points from previous years into one column. Instead, I will focus on an important message that I have stressed many times. Here we go — the closer you are to retirement, the more you should focus on the return of your money instead of the return on in.

Why? Per my table, you can see the amount needed to recover from a pull-back. For example, a 30 percent pullback needs a 42 percent plus gain to recover. A 50 percent pullback needs a 100 percent gain to recover.

Recovery gains from larger pullbacks can blow out a retirement account in no time. My question — can you really afford to lose any much needed funds if close or in retirement?

The average bull market is close to five years. The current bull is going on nine. How many more years will it run? No one knows. I will not be finding out the hard way — hopefully you will not either.

Why am I leaving? Very simply, in November, I sold the proprietary rights to the investing side of my business. I began teaching financial education in 2002 — it has been an exciting run ever since. I was able to catch lightning in a bottle during this run and helped educate many to how Wall Street really works — an exciting time indeed.

It has been an honor for the Southern to run my column. I state with a humble heart that sharing my strategies and insight across the country is great while sharing with local friends and neighbors is even better.

A special tip-of-the cap to Executive Editor Tom English and the crew at The Southern for this rare opportunity. With my column and our Facebook Live broadcasts, I have an even greater respect for Tom with what he does for his family, community and our region.

What’s next? I have been blessed to have two careers — one in business and one in education, so it is time to focus on fun things I have set aside. Other than that, I have no exact plans — that’s the exciting part. Adios and blessings to all!

Plan your work, work your plan, and share your harvest!

DAVID O. ENGLAND is the founder of the Eye on the Market-Training Academy ( and Associate Professor Emeritus of Finance. This column is for educational purposes only and not intended as financial advice. Your decision to buy, sell, short or hold any investment product is a direct result of your decisions, free will, and research.