Craig Rogers Publisher 618-351-5038


Tom English Executive editor 618-351-5070
Alee Quick Digital editor 618-351-5807
Byron Hetzler Photo editor 618-351-5031
Molly Parker Reporter 618-351-5079
Janis Esch Reporter 618-351-5082
Isaac Smith Reporter 618-351-5823
Marilyn Halstead Reporter 618-351-5078
Stephanie Esters Reporter 618-351-5805
Kathy Smits Editorial assistant 618-529-5454, ext. 5175
Rhonda May Special projects coordinator 618-351-5077
Greg Keller Copy editor 618-351-5092
Shawn Anglin Copy editor 618-351-5085
Richard Sitler Photographer 618-351-5083
Nicholette Dolin Night clerk 618-351-5178


Scott Mees Sports reporter 618-351-5086
Todd Hefferman Sports reporter 618-351-5087
Les Winkeler Sports editor 618-351-5088


Lyn Sargent Advertising director 618-351-5815
Alicia Lorenz Director of alternative revenue 618-351-5065
Adam Sauerbrunn Advertising sales professional 618-351-5012
Ariana Arnone Marketing consultant 618-351-5023
Brittany Crumby Account manager 618-529-5015
Emily Blakely Account manager 618-351-5039
Mary Galli Marketing consultant 618-351-5027
Melissa York-Ladd Marketing consultant 618-351-5001
Tina Moon Advertising sales professional 618-351-5026


Terra Kerkemeyer Circulation director 618-351-5061
James Flanagan Single copy supervisor 618-351-5054
Mark Romanowski District manager, D3 618-351-5059
Nicholas Getz Assistant district manager, D1 618-351-5017

Customer Service

Chelsea Jones Marketing and customer service supervisor 618-351-5049
Ashlee Hopkins Receptionist 618-529-5454
Linda Parks Customer service representative 618-529-5454 ext. 5105
Cody Baccia Customer service representative 618-529-5454 ext. 5105

Classified Advertising

Angela Oliver Classifieds manager 618-351-5801
Laura Gierich Inside classifieds rep 618-351-5003
Lisa Giampaolo Major accounts and classifieds rep 618-351-5008

Creative Services

Jay Stemm Graphic designer/pagination 618-351-5112


Lisa Morgan Accounting supervisor 618-351-5037
Becky Hooker Accounting clerk 618-529-5454, ext. 5168


Gene Hoffman IT manager and webmaster 618-529-5454, ext. 5042