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PINCKNEYVILLE — Perry County voters decided on their next school boards on Tuesday night. Here are the results:

Du Quoin District 300  

Du Quoin District No. 300 voters chose a newcomer to their next board and opted to give another term to a man appointed to the board in 2015, while opting not to re-elect one incumbent.

Elected Tuesday night to the new board are Mark A. Woodside, a Carbondale high school teacher who was appointed to fill out the remainder of someone else's term; Patrick Riley, a family practice doctor; and Trenton L. Waller, an Illinois State Police officer.

• Mark A. Woodside, 877 votes (26.84 percent)

• Patrick Riley, 760 votes (23.26 percent)

• Trenton L. Waller, 602 votes (18.43 percent)

• Dennis Cole, 519 votes (15.89 percent)

• Mark Gates, 509 votes (15.58 percent)

Pinckneyville District 101

District 101 voters returned three incumbents to the Pinckneyville school board — Gregory Thompson, the board's president, to a second term; Lisa Stanton, secretary, to a second term; Brian Kellerman to a third term — and selected a newcomer, Jeffrey D. Suchomski.

• Gregory D. Thompson, 596 votes (21.32 percent)

• Lisa Stanton, 563 votes (20.14 percent)

• Brian Kellerman, 543 votes (19.42 percent)

• Jeffrey D. Suchomski, 520 votes (18.6 percent)

• James C. Denny, 297 votes (10.62 percent) 

• Darrell Schweizer, 277 votes (9.91 percent)

Pinckneyville District 50

Pinckneyville District No. 50's new school board was chosen Tuesday night, returning incumbents Austin Marlow, board president, and Kyle Pursell to new terms, and electing newcomers Gideon Hutchcraft and Aaron Johnson to the next administration.

• Austin Marlow, 455 votes (26.58 percent)

• Kyle Pursell, 423 votes (24.71 percent)

• Gideon Hutchcraft, 337 votes (19.68 percent)

• Aaron Johnson, 272 votes (15.89 percent)

• Richard Bates, 225 votes (13.14 percent)


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Stephanie Esters is a reporter covering Jackson and Union counties.

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