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Southern Illinois Snake Wine was popular in in the Serpent Room at Scratch Brewing Co. during its fourth anniversary celebration. 

Ava Weiss: Scratch’s house Berliner-weisse brewed with our wild mixed culture

Anise Hyssop: sour ale brewed with anise hyssop

Sweet Clover Brown: with foraged sweet clover and Piper’s Coffee (Paducah)

Tulsi Sour: sour beer with tulsi basil

Kvass: sour beer made with house rye bread and fermented with rye sourdough culture

Gumball Pale Ale: pale ale with American sweetgum “gumballs”

Hickory Stout: sweet stout brewed with toasted hickory bark

Puncheon-Fermented Sahti: Finnish-style; cedar, sumac, and raspberries

Tomatillo Saison: saison with roasted tomatillos

Sugar Creek Pils: clean springtime lager brewed entirely with pilsner from Sugar Creek Malt

Snakewine: collaboration with Brett Douglas Hunter; ginger, turmeric, spicebush

Tripel: Belgian-style tripel with honey from Royal Bee in Steeleville

60 Shilling: easy-drinking, malty Scottish-style pub ale

Herbed Stout: stout brewed with foraged herbs

Rum-Smoked Rauchbier: With rum barrel-smoked malt, sweet clover, and cayenne pepper

Fire-Brewed Bark Ale: direct copper kettle boil; blonde ale with oak and hickory

Dry-Hopped Perilla Tea Saison : saison with housemade fermented perilla leaf tea

Wheat Wine : strong ale with Southern Illinois-grown wheat

Pine Ipa: small-batch IPA brewed with pine needles

Sour Blackberry: sour red with Southern Illinois blackberries


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