NBA player Kobe Bryant caused quite a stir at the Nike store in Rome, where he made an appearance.


Ciao, amici! I can hardly believe that we are into our fourth week of school. It is nice to feel settled in.

We have developed routines, such as going to our favorite café for lunch: Alex Bar. It’s this adorable, quaint restaurant right around the corner from our school. They have a different homemade pasta every day, and the staff is always the same. They’ve come to recognize us now and always greet us with a kind “Ciao” — hello and goodbye.

We know where all the main spots are and have even had some really cool experiences. One day, there was a large crowd developing outside the Roma Nike store. We saw a lot of Kobe Bryant jerseys, and, upon listening and reading a decal high on the store window, we learned that Bryant was making an appearance there.

We also had an unforgettable concert experience. If any of you listen to electronica, maybe you have heard of Afrojack. I love his music, and we found out he was coming to Rome. Tickets were only 25 Euro, so my friends and I went and had an absolutely fantastic time. There were probably 500 people in this chic club, and lights were tinting the room purple and pink while everyone was in constant motion until the early morning.

We had some amazing food and drink adventures this week. We went to our second wine tasting with Marco, a member of the staff at our school, and we took a pasta-making class. We have learned about how to correctly identify the shade of a wine and how to pinpoint its scent, its components and other sensory elements of sight, smell and, of course, taste. I felt like a true wine connoisseur, swirling the wine in my glass and looking at the “legs” of the wine. The classes are every other week, and I can’t wait to participate in the next one.

Pasta-making class was phenomenal. My roommate and I felt it was a must to sign up, and it was such a great experience. I wasn’t sure how difficult it would be to make our own pasta from scratch, but it actually isn’t nearly as hard as you might think. Our teacher was an expert pasta maker, and she took us step by step, helping us along the way. We ended up with tagli-atelle pasta, which we cooked and ate for dinner that night, and it was delicious.

I cannot wait to make more homemade pasta. And, now that we’re learning more about wine, maybe I could now actually pair the pasta with a wine that will match.

Buon appetite e a presto! Ciao!

LACIE GOFF is the daughter of Janice Gualdoni and the granddaughter of Louie and Beauella Gualdoni, all of Herrin. Lacie is a junior at California Lutheran University in Los Angeles, majoring in communication and journalism. She is spending this semester in Rome, studying Italian, history and art history. 


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