Chicken Shawarma from Aban Kitchen is Carbondale is minced chicken breast authentically seasoned and grilled. It is served with rice and bread. Provided from Aban Kitchen

Yemeni cuisine may not be familiar to many of us, but owner Abdullah Al-Amad and his brother Mohammed, both natives of Yemen, hope that may be one reason to visit their restaurant, Aban’s Kitchen, home of the freshest and most authentic Yemeni food this side of the Red Sea.

“Our food is authentic and unique,” said Mohammed Al-Amad, director of communications and marketing at Aban’s Kitchen. “We believe that Aban’s Kitchen is a good addition to the city, offering something exciting and interesting.”

Yemeni dishes on the menu at Aban’s Kitchen include Lamb Haneez — lamb shanks slowly roasted for three hours and served with vegetable stew, rice and salsa; Chicken Mogulgul — diced chicken breast sauteed with onion, green onion and tomatoes; and Beef Fahsah — minced beef boiled with vegetables and soup in a crock pot, then topped with fenugreek (dried and ground seeds of the fenugreek herb) and served with fresh clay-oven bread.

But they also have falafel — fried ground garbanzo beans; chicken and beef kabobs and shawarma, meat grilled on a spit. And if you really want to eat Yemeni-style, choose one of the alcoves where customers sit on and among colorful cushions and pillows and the food is served on the floor.

“We cook fresh vegetables and meat every day, to order, and our bread is baked when you order it in our clay oven,” he said. “Our meat is 100 percent meat with no additives or fillers, from animals slaughtered and processed according to Islamic teachings.”

Traditional Yemeni seasonings such as cumin, turmeric, paprika and curry are used in most of the entrees, sides and sandwiches, with cinnamon and cardamom in the desserts and the Yemeni chai tea, which is served hot with milk. And there are plenty of choices for vegetarians, too.

“We also have very reasonable prices,” he said. “Most dishes cost between $7 and $10, nothing more than $15 on the menu. And we pay close attention to our customers. We make sure they’re happy. We care about every person who comes to Aban’s Kitchen.”

For more information on Aban’s Kitchen, visit their Facebook page.