PHD Wig Salon in Carterville is filling a much needed service in the area — they are helping their clients find solutions to hair loss and thinning in a compassionate and confidential environment. The wig salon is an offshoot of PHD Salon, a full-service salon that offered the region’s first copper bowl pedicures, where the standard pedicure is aided by the therapeutic and antimicrobial benefits of copper.

The wig salon had been in the works for five years before opening in November 2016. Sonja Jaimet, owner and hairstylist of 20 years, explained that opening the wig salon came from a place of love — her best friend was diagnosed with cancer at age 30 and was having trouble finding a human hair wig in the area.

There was also a demand for their services. Many women were going out to purchase hair pieces and then bringing them into the salon to be styled. "We just kind of thought how wonderful it would be if they could do one stop shop," Jaimet explained. She and another stylist, Lindsay Coon are trained to measure and customize wigs for clients.

They are also there to educate. Many patients from the nearby cancer center receive wigs and are not sure how to customize or care for their wig.

“When you're being flooded with all of the information on just your health in general, sometimes you get this piece and you're like 'okay, great now what do I do with it?’ They're scared to shampoo it, they're scared to [use heat on it] so we have a lot of people who stop in to ask questions," said Jaimet.

PHD carries both synthetic and human hair wigs for all budgets and needs. Many wigs can be styled with heat, like human hair and depending on the construction of the wig, some can be worn in a pony-tail. In addition to wigs, PHD offers extensions, 3/4 wigs and toppers. All are great options for those dealing with thinning hair or even for those that want to add some thickness to their natural hair.

For clients concerned about privacy, PHD wig salon is designed to be fully confidential. The wig salon has its own entrance and most clients schedule private consultations (although walk-ins are welcome).

If you’re interested in donating your hair, the salon collects hair donations which are sent to “Children With Hair Loss,” a non-profit that provides free human hair pieces to children and young adults with hair loss.

Jaimet is thankful for the fulfilling work she gets to do in the wig salon — she expressed that it is “awesome” when a client walks out of the salon ecstatic with their new hair piece.


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