Social Seen: Sweethearts of the Saddle Gala

Craig Schaefer and Kelly McClure, both of Fenton, Missouri

photos by JASON YORK

The fifth annual Sweethearts of the Saddle Gala was held on Saturday, May 6. The fundraiser benefits Specialized Equine Services operating out of Giant City Stables in Giant City State Park. The event was hosted by Dr. Darlene Lutchka and Dr. Aaron Workman and had a Kentucky Derby theme. Hors d’oeuvres and mint juleps were enjoyed while watching the 143rd Run for the Roses, followed by a dinner catered by Great Boars of Fire. Stephanie Brown, Director of the Autism Society of Southern Illinois, was the guest speaker. After dinner, guests danced to live music from local band We Got It Covered. The evening's silent auction, live auctions, with Jason Forby of Goreville as our auctioneer, as well as direct donations raised over $45,000 after expenses to fund the programs.

1. Dr. Jen Mihalopulos of Carbondale

2. Aaron Vargas, Dr. Tanya Vargas and Dr. Eugenio Vargas, all of Carbondale

3. Alex VanHorn of Marion

4. Alexis Depre and George Benak, both of Makanda

5. Alyssa Disney and Renae Dittmer, both of Carbondale

6. Bob and Lori Bleyer of Carbondale

7. Bradley Reagan and Kailan Potter, both of Carbondale

8. Danette and Phil Schaefer of Carterville

9. Dorothea, George, Eleni and Laura Boulukos, all of Carbondale

10. Dr. Darlene Lutchka, Lainey Workman and Dr. Aaron Workman, all of Carterville

11. Dr. Kevin and Leslie Koth of Carterville

12. Dr. Shelley Brown of Vienna

13. Drs. Amanda and Mitchell Cook of Marion

14. Gabrielle Baratta and Karine Gabrini, both of Carbondale

15. James and Haley Karayiannis of Carbondale

16. Jennifer, Peter and Alex VanHorn, all of Marion

17. Lisa Williams and Bennie Isaacs, both of Thompsonville

18. Lizette and Rosa Chevalier of Carbondale

19. Diane and Mark Bybee of De Soto

20. Max and Stephanie Brown of Carbondale

21. Melissa and William Banz of Makanda

22. Merilyn Hogan of Carbondale

23. Michelle and Jamie Snyder of Carbondale

24. Mike and Lynn Flamm of Cobden

25. Patricia and Chuck Nardini of Marion

26. Rachel and Jason Forby of Goreville

27. Rachelle and Tommie Gray of Carterville

28. Ramona Twellman of Makanda and Katie Rawson of Carbondale

29. Roy Stephens of Carbondale

30. Santiago Tomas of Cobden with Emily Novara of Carbondale

31. Santiago Tomas of Cobden, Ramona Twellman of Makanda, Francisco Avila of Anna and Dallas Broeker of Carbondale

32. Sondra and Bart Potter of Carbondale

33. Tim and Nancy Garland of Marion

34. TJ and Kim Booker of Carbondale

35. Craig Schaefer and Kelly McClure, both of Fenton, Missouri

36. Drs. Kelly Higgins and Jeff Lehman, both of Carbondale

37. Dr. John and Jerre Hall of Cape Girardeau

38. Dr. Ronald and Patti Lessmann of Cape Girardeau

39. Dr. Ronald Lessmann, Dr. John Hall, Patti Lessmann and Jerre Hall, all of Cape Girardeau

40. Eleni Boulukos and Dallas Broeker, both of Carbondale

41. Jamie Snyder of Carbondale (back row), Mike Flamm of Cobden, James Karayiannis of Carbondale, William Banz of Makanda and Bob Bleyer of Carbondale; Dr. Jeff Lehman of Carbondale (front row) and Dr. Aaron Workman of Carterville

42. Dr. Mitchell Cook of Marion (back row), William Banz of Makanda and Dr. Jeff Lehman and Bob Bleyer, both of Carbondale; Dr. Amanda Cook of Marion (middle row), Alexis Depre of Makanda, Dr. Tanya Vargas of Carbondale, Melissa Banz of Makanda, Dr. Kelly Higgins of Carbondale, Dr. Darlene Lutchka of Carterville and Lori Bleyer of Carbondale; George Benak of Makanda (front row), Richard Corcho, Dr. Alex Garrido and Dr. Eugenio Vargas, all of Carbondale and Dr. Aaron Workman of Carterville

43. Lynn Flamm of Cobden, Dr. Kelly Higgins of Carbondale, Melissa Banz of Makanda, Dr. Darlene Lutchka of Carterville, Santiago Tomas of Cobden and Haley Karayiannis and Lori Bleyer, both of Carbondale

44. Heather Schaefer and Kevin Harbor, both of Champaign

45. Karine Gabrini, Berardino Baratta and Gabrielle Baratta, all of Carbondale

46. Lori Martin and Dr. Kurt Martin of Carbondale

47. Lori Itrich of Elgin, Chuck and Patricia Nardini of Marion with Sonja and Paul Fitchie of Elgin

48. Kari and Randy Koster of Plainfield

49. Richard Corcho and Dr. Alex Garrido, both of Carbondale

50. Hannah Neumeier, Dallas Broeker and Renae Dittmer, all of Carbondale


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