Sprucing up your backyard doesn’t have to mean large installations like a custom brick fire pit or luxurious in-ground pool. Sometimes a little bit of light will do the trick. And thanks to local retailers and their broad range of lighting products, illuminating your backyard has never been easier.

“We have a ton of items for the backyard,” said Jami Lee Wright, sales manager of Wright Do-It Center in Murphysboro. Wright said adding lighting to your deck railing and posts can be an easy job that reaps major benefits.

Wright Do-It Center offers products from many imaginative landscape companies sure to fit your style and backyard décor. One such company, Deckorators, boasts a vast line of balusters, post caps, post covers, railings and accessories that can transform your outdoor entertainment area. Check out www.deckorators.com for the deck visualizer tool that can help get your creative juices flowing.

When lighting your deck, choose a couple of spots that require the most light, such as your outdoor kitchen or grilling spot. More wattage may be necessary in these areas, which require you to see clearly while cooking or doing prep work.

Railings and seating areas are also great spots to illuminate, but this lighting can be dimmer to create a laid-back setting and mood.

For a lighting option meant to spotlight some of your patio’s more architectural features, you can aim a wide beam of light at a wall to create interesting highlight and shadow. These types of wall washes are also great for accenting nearby plants or design features.

Lighting up your yard for a party? Temporary lighting options can include some simple string lighting or DIY Mason jar candles that can easily be removed and stored for future gatherings.

If you’re turning to professionals to install a custom landscape this spring or summer, don’t forget the lighting.

“We offer night lighting for our landscape jobs,” said Margie Rehagen, longtime manager of Plantscape Nursery in Herrin. “And, we have many decorative pieces for gardens such as fountains, statues, gazing globes, brass sundials or garden cottages.”

Whatever your purpose, lighting placement can make the difference in a successful installation, so talk with a lighting professional to avoid what some experts call lighting pollution. You want to position your lights without shining light into indoor rooms or creating an annoying glare for your guests.

Proper aiming and wattage can usually help mitigate these concerns, as can using controlled lighting on timers, dimmers or motion sensors.


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