JOHNSTON CITY - The future of notorious Johnston City fixture Hurley's Show Bar is uncertain after investigators discovered nude male dancers and pornography being screened on the bar's television over the weekend.

Williamson County Sheriff's deputies Saturday ordered the bar closed after a bar check determined males were performing lewd acts and dancing naked, which is against county ordinances.

Hurley's owner Dave Hurley was cited for violating Williamson County liquor ordinances. Hurley declined to comment on the future of the bar Tuesday.

Hurley's liquor license has been temporarily suspended as a result of the incident, said Williamson County Chairman and Liquor Commissioner Robert Barnett.

"They do not have a liquor license as we speak," Barnett said.

It's unclear whether the liquor license will be reinstated, Barnett said, because the incident is under investigation.

Williamson County Sheriff Tom Cundiff said the department has long been looking into complaints at Hurley's Show Bar, but has been unable to verify those claims until Saturday night's events.

"We've received complaints before, but we were able to substantiate this one, and based on info we were able to gather, took that action," Cundiff said.

Johnston City Mayor Rich Carter said Hurley's has been a source of numerous complaints through the years but, because the bar is located outside city limits, Johnston City has limited regulation over events that occur within the bar.

"This particular event was not something the city was aware of, but in the past, it seems to me just think back over the couple years there have been many incidents of fights and people being injured in fights," Carter said. "As far as I'm concerned as mayor of Johnston City, it's a risky place to patronize."

Two men are currently serving a life sentence for the 1998 murder of a woman at Hurley's Show Bar. Although that incident was isolated, there are still many police calls regarding incidents at the establishment, Carter said.

"If I had my rathers, I would rather that they would either comply with the law and clean it up or give up the license," Carter said. "That may be blunt, but you don't like to be neighbors where people cause trouble. It needs some correcting and for right now, it's not in the city limits, so it's a county problem."

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