IHSA considering action against schools

Harrisburg, Seton Academy could be punished
2013-03-11T05:00:00Z 2013-09-13T09:37:22Z IHSA considering action against schoolsBY LES WINKELER THE SOUTHERN The Southern
March 11, 2013 5:00 am  • 

Any disciplinary action that might be taken against Harrisburg High School or Seton Academy as the result of Saturday night’s hotly contested 2A state championship basketball game have been put on hold for several days.

The title game, which Harrisburg won, 50-44, featured the ejection of a Seton player and a technical and bench warning to Harrisburg. After the game, the Sting declined to participate in the trophy presentation.

As the result, the Illinois High School Association issued a statement noting its disappointment with the lack of sportsmanship displayed by the competing teams. The statement also noted that the IHSA would be contacting both schools on Monday.

Harrisburg Athletic Director Jay Thompson said he had indeed talked to IHSA officials Monday.

“It’s pretty much on hold,” he said. “They’ve instructed us to answer a few questions and report back to them this week.”

Thompson said he has not been in contact with anyone from Seton Academy.

In the meantime, officials from Seton have apologized for the team’s behavior after the game.

“I would like to offer an apology for my actions following the 2A State Championship game on Saturday, March 9," Seton Academy coach Brandon Thomas told the Chicago Tribune. “While my actions have given the appearance of poor sportsmanship, it was not my intent. I am truly saddened that this situation occurred and that it has diminished the hard work and effort put forth by our young men and that of the school administrators and coaches who supported us through-out the season.”

Seton’s principal, Marianne Lynch also issued a statement to the Tribune.

“Seton Academy echoes the disappointment of the IHSA at events at the Title 2A state championship game and will cooperate fully with its investigation,” she said in the statement. “It was a complex situation and we believe it will be understood better when the full context is heard. Seton’s mission is to develop the spiritual, academic, moral and social aspects of all our students. We are committed to upholding these values, and are taking this matter seriously.”

IHSA Assistant Executive Director Matt Troha said those statements were not made to the organization.

Troha said the situation will be reviewed at the IHSA board’s regular March meeting, which is scheduled for this week-end. One or both schools could be subjected to IHSA penalties such as probation or coaches being suspended for part of next season.

“I think right now nothing has been ruled out at this point,” Troha said.

Harrisburg superintendent Dennis Smith issued his own statement late Monday afternoon.

“Harrisburg School District takes strong exception to any implication that the Harrisburg High School state champion-ship team or coaches displayed unsportsmanlike conduct or promoted behaviors counterproductive to fair play and competition,” Smith said. “It was an intense, state tournament championship game. Emotions were high. The officials in charge of the game issued warnings and technical fouls as necessary.

“We were not perfect. What happened on the court could have happened in any of the thousands of games that make up a single high school basketball season. But after careful review, the district is convinced that Harrisburg players, coaches and fans were not part of any behavior that would rise to a public scolding by the IHSA.”

Any decisions made at Saturday’s board meeting would likely be made public next week.



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  1. Hector
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    Hector - March 26, 2013 9:40 pm
    I agree look at the video of tech that was called Seton player before it was called smith peters said something to him i can read lips really good . Thousands of people im sure saw this video . In the heat of the moment words are exchanged this player from seton academy should never ever be able to play h school basket ball again if he is not a senior. Both schools need to be punished both schools need to own up to things that were done on the floor and move forward.
  2. SIUSaluki00
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    SIUSaluki00 - March 15, 2013 7:29 pm
    Bates, where did you get your facts? Oh, that's right you didn't state any. :rolleyes:
  3. Community Organizer
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    Community Organizer - March 12, 2013 6:52 pm
    All of you Southern Illinois deep pocket guys need to man up if Harrisburg gets any penalty at all. This is just insane. Get ready to sue the IHSA for it's total incompetence and painting everyone with the same brush. The Southern Illinoisan has yet to show any video, any still pictures or print any story that would DETAIL what anyone from Harrisburg did to the "recruiting" school in Peoria that would warrant this nonsense. Where is the evidence or is it the "seriousness" of the charge with no proof that counts with this bunch in the IHSA. Get ready to do a Bunker Hill on this organization if it does anything without evidence.
  4. oldwise1
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    oldwise1 - March 12, 2013 1:11 pm
    you need to get your facts straight.....there were absolutely ZERO Harrisburg fans tossed from the game. There was one fan escorted out of his section, and he was not from Harrisburg. As a southern Illinois resident, I take serious offense to your comments calling people red necks, and calling southern Illinois Hee Haw. I know people from all over the state of Illinois, and I can say that the people from the southern tip of the state are some of the finest people that I know. Shame on you!
  5. bates4040
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    bates4040 - March 12, 2013 11:27 am
    Both schools need to be disciplined, behavior by fans of both schools was disgusting to say the least. 2 rows of Harrisburg fans were tossed due to foul language as expected by a bunch of red necks. really taints the championship, all the focus should be on kids but instead it is on a bunch of foul mouthed adults, shame on all of you! seems Harrisburg has a lot of these incidents wether it be basketball or baseball? maybe anger management is in order for citizens of Hee Haw down there??
  6. Alonzo
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    Alonzo - March 12, 2013 8:23 am
    So.... can ANYONE tell me what Harrisburg did that would be deserving of sanctions? All I have heard is one kid got T'd up for shooting off his mouth and Coach Smithpeters got warned about staying in the coaching box - Neither of those offenses are deserving of any type of sanction.

    I gotta tell ya - this bothers me. It seems that in today's society the thinking is that all people should be treated equally - regardless of effort, merit or ability. The situation with this game and the IHSA is that principle applied in reverse - if one team shows poor sportsmanship, then both teams should be punished.

    That is just crazy.
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