SPRINGFIELD - Illinois lawmakers have overwhelmingly OK'd prohibiting public disclosure of the names of people who have firearm owner identification cards.

The Senate voted 42-1 to prohibit releasing the

names after Attorney General Lisa Madigan's office ruled in March that current law dictates that the information be made public.

Madigan responded after the Illinois State Police refused to release the information to The Associated Press.

The legislation now goes to Quinn for action after House approval in March in a 98-12 vote.

Quinn said he agrees with state police department's decision. He said he will review the legislation and "act accordingly."

"The main concern is making sure the names of law-abiding

gun owners don't fall into the hands of criminals and wrongdoers," said state Sen. Gary Forby, D-Benton, a co-sponsor of the legislation.

"I worry that if this list was made public, we would be creating a situation that singles out certain groups of citizens and their families for criminals to target."

The legislation expands the exemption from the disclosure requirements of the FOIA Act to include the names and information of people who have applied for or received a FOID card.

"I'm very disappointed concealed carry didn't pass this year, but this was certainly a step in the right direction for law-abiding gun owners throughout Southern Illinois and the rest of the state," Forby said in a news release.

Anti-violence groups say availability of the information would let the public determine whether cards have gone to people who should not have them.

The legislation is House Bill 3500.


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