The St. Louis Cardinals baseball team puts a lot of faith in Marion native Darrin Patrick.

He’s the team chaplain and has been so for three years.

Patrick conducts regular Bible study sessions on a weekly basis for those team members who desire it.

Cardinal players think a lot of their chaplain.

In a May 2003 story in The St. Louis Post Dispatch, Cardinals hurler Adam Wainwright talked about himself being a leader in the clubhouse. He talked about faith-based relationships with other Cardinals and described Patrick as “a great Bible leader.”

Patrick married Cardinals pitcher Shelby Miller to Amy Peters on Nov. 16 in Eminence, Mo., which got a write up in the New York Times.

“I’m there before and after home games for them,” Patrick said about his association with team members.

He also ministers to umpires and visiting team members to St. Louis and will conduct a chapel service if they request it.

Patrick said he got his job as Cardinals chaplain through Baseball Chapel, an international ministry recognized by Major and Minor League Baseball and responsible for the appointment and oversight of all team chapel leaders, more than 500 in all.

“It’s a centralized organization. Every team has a chaplain who is responsible for all affiliates,” Patrick said.

Ministering to men who play such a manly game and other men he has met through his church, The Journey that he founded in St. Louis in 2002, Patrick writes about masculinity.

His recently released book “The Dude’s guide to Manhood,” is an attempt at finding true manliness in a world of counterfeits, according to the book cover.

Patrick said there’s a huge void for men in this society to handle the responsibilities of marriage, raising a family and taking charge.

To compensate for skills they don’t have, men are likely to become too chauvinistic, too aggressive or cowards, he said.

“Very few men master how to be tough and tender at the same time. I wrote the book to be very practical and easy to understand,” Patrick said, noting the absence of role models and manhood preparation from our own fathers.

Patrick returns to Marion on a regular basis with the recent opening of The Journey church on Illinois 37, north of Marion near the Cedar Grove Road intersection.

“It’s fun being able to come home,” Patrick said.


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