CHICAGO (AP) — A few thousand people chanting "No justice, no peace" are gathered in downtown Chicago to press for civil rights charges against former neighborhood watch leader George Zimmerman.

A jury in Florida last week acquitted Zimmerman in the shooting death of unarmed teen Trayvon Martin.

The case has become a flashpoint in the debate over guns, race relations and self-defense laws. Zimmerman identifies as Hispanic. Martin was black.

The rallies are taking place in 100-plus cities Saturday to demand a federal case.

In Chicago, the Rev. Gregory Livingston is telling the crowd they must fight for "justice for Trayvon." He is calling on the Justice Department to file charges.

The Rev. Jesse Jackson's Rainbow PUSH Coalition has helped organize the Chicago rally, taking place outside the Dirksen Federal Building.

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Perhaps Jesse & Gregory need to look in their own city and deal with the black on black murders. BTW, maybe Prez BHO might also take a look in the backyard of his adopted city! Take the log out of your eye first, so you can see clearly then take the speck of dust from your neighbors eye.


" ... deal with the black on black murders." - KaijaJean

First of all just because all the effort over all the years to curb black on black violence has not penetrated the right wing bubble doesn't mean it hasn't been happening; it has been, is now, and will continue. There are things happening all around you everyday you don't see happening, does that also mean they're not?

Secondly, this whole issue of most blacks are killed by other blacks doesn't "prove" anything. Guess what? Most whites are killed by other whites. Most Latinos are killed by other Latinos. Most Indians are killed by other Indians. The list goes on and on right down the line.

Just because people are protesting something other than what you think they should be doesn't diminish the issue regardless of how much you want it to.

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