CARBONDALE — Carbondale Community High School District 165 has taken the first step in finding its new principal.

Former principal Daniel Booth will leave the school after the current semester to become the superintendent of Carbondale Elementary School District No. 95. 

The high school posted the job for the post Jan. 19 on its website, aiming for the new principal to assume the position on July 1. The post said to be considered, applicants must complete materials by Feb. 26.

Such materials include a formal application, resume, transcripts, letters of recommendations, summary education vision and goal, including the applicant’s person leadership philosophy. Also, the high school is requesting a statement describing their view of the elements of a successful high school.

The applications will be received by CCHS 165 Superintendent Steve Murphy. The job posting said a committee, appointed by Murphy, will select and interview candidates. That same committee will then choose finalists for a second round of interviews. From those interviews will come a recommendation to the CCHS 165 Board of Education.

In the past, Murphy told The Southern the high school has gone with a selection committee made up of faculty that shuffles through applicants and conducts preliminary interviews to come up with finalists.

“We have a lot of faculty involvement because the faculty is so strong,” he said

The interviewing process is scheduled to take place during March and April, with a recommendation presented to the school board in May.

The job posting said the salary for the position will not be less than $100,000. It also says the new principal must live in the school district and the board will provide reasonable relocation expenses if necessary.

Murphy has said the search most likely wouldn’t be limited in scope and external and internal candidates will have a chance to apply. However, qualified internal candidates could have a leg-up on the competition based solely on familiarity.

“Typically, when you are talking about a principal, if you have somebody internally that rises to the top, it is nice to have experience in Carbondale or in the district and who knows the culture and how the district functions,” he said.


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Dustin Duncan is a reporter for The Southern Illinoisan covering Carbondale.

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