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Carbondale patrols

A Carbondale Police patrol car sits in the parking lot of the Public Safety Center in 2012.

The Southern File Photo

CARBONDALE — The Carbondale Police Department is looking for feedback from residents about its performance.

According to department’s website, it would like residents to rate its level of satisfaction regarding interactions with members of the police. Additionally, it is asking for residents to share their level of safety and general concerns about the resident’s neighborhood.

“It is my hope, you will help us improve the quality of our service and find more ways to continue to place a higher emphasis on improving the safety of our residential neighborhoods,” said Police Chief Jeff Grubbs.

Within the survey, residents are asked what was the nature of the person’s most recent contact with the police. There are myriad answers, with an option to write in another response if a citizen feels those categories do not apply.  

The survey also asks the resident to rate the performance of the staff by courtesy, knowledge professionalism and other traits.

Additionally, people are asked what their perception of crime is in Carbondale and if they feel safe in their homes and if they feel comfortable walking during the day and at night.

Halfway through the 18-question survey, the tone of questions shifts to the neighborhoods. The questions are about adequate street light, litter problems and issues with blighted properties in the neighborhood.

The survey also asks where the resident lives and to identify three main problems or concerns in their neighborhood.

At the very end, the survey asks for the person’s age, gender, if the surveyor is a student or not and what school they attend.

To complete the survey, visit


on twitter: @zd2000


Dustin Duncan is a reporter for The Southern Illinoisan covering Carbondale.

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