A McLeansboro man died and two people were injured in a crash involving a tractor pulling a bean drill, two cars and a pedestrian in rural Franklin County Wednesday.

Lavern F. Johnson Jr., 50, suffered fatal injuries in the crash on Illinois 14 near North Thompsonville Road, Franklin County Coroner Marty Leffler said in a news release.

Johnson was traveling eastbound on on Illinois 14 about 9 p.m. when his vehicle struck the westbound tractor pulling the bean drill, Leffler said.

A second crash occurred when, according to witnesses, a second vehicle then struck the stopped tractor and bean drill, the first vehicle and also a pedestrian who had stopped to assist after the initial crash. 

The driver of the second vehicle and the pedestrian, whose names were not released, were taken to hospitals for treatment of their injuries.

The driver of the tractor was shook up, Leffler said, but with no known injuries at the time.

Johnson’s death is the fourth fatality involving some type of vehicle accident in Franklin County since June 25th, he said.

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Vern was a very kind man, who loved helping people. All the children who come in to P.J."s always have to see him before they can leave. He will be missed by all. Prayers for all his family and friends,and for the others involved in the tragedy..


It wasn't on a country farm road, it was on the highway. Our family farms so I have nothing against tractors being on the road. That's the only way you can get around. But at night it is near impossible to see equipment behind a tractor because their headlights will blind you. This is why our family chooses not to pull equipment after dark. This was a good friend of ours' brother that was killed.


Farm Roads......Farm Roads...........not rocket scientry !

When I see these vehicles flying up and down these country farm roads it gives me chills !!

..............................Sorry for any deceased and their families........we all need to watch out !!!

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