HARRISBURG — Mayor John McPeek said flood waters have lowered since Sunday evening, when Walmart and Taco Bell closed early after over 6 inches of rain inundated the entrances to their establishments.

As of Monday morning, access to the Harrisburg Medical Center was still restricted by high water. A representative of the hospital said the public should take Vince Ashley Drive at Illinois 13 to access the facility.

McPeek said a man had driven off the road Sunday evening, but that he was rescued with little incident.

“I urge people to remain cautious as they navigate the city. What looks like water during the daylight can look like pavement at night,” he said.

McPeek said he put a call out to the community on Sunday to help fill sandbags to assist those whose homes and business were threatened by rising waters. About 75 people responded to the call, McPeek said.

The group filled truckloads of sandbags, which were delivered to businesses including Napa Auto Parts and the Medicine Shoppe. Brookstone Assisted Living was also impacted; truckloads of sandbags were also placed at their doorsteps to prevent water from entering the building.

The city saw no fatalities as a result of the deluge. 

Mayor McPeek said he wanted to make sure to express his gratitude to all the city and state employees as well as the community volunteers who came out in service to the city this weekend.

“Without them, Harrisburg would have flooded,” he said.



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