Murphysboro City Council discusses BLIP Network cabling on water tower contract

Representatives of BLIP Network, LLC — Ian Ellison, near the lower right — listen to Murphysboro City Council members during a July 2017 meeting, as attorney Ed Heller (far right) listen to discussions.

MURPHYSBORO — Just because you and an adversary, or a buddy, agree to duke it out doesn't mean you won't both find yourselves charged with a violation of city ordinance.

The Murphysboro City Council plans to revisit an item on its agenda calling for an amendment to the city ordinance of "fighting by agreement." The council will hear and vote on a revision to the ordinance that seeks to ban fighting in public, period.

"We're clarifying one issue that one of the judges had with the language" of the ordinance, Police Chief Chad Roberts explained.

That item and others will be discussed at the Murphysboro City Council meeting, which begins at 6 p.m. Tuesday at City Hall Council Chambers, 202 N. 11th St.

The change is proposed for city ordinance Section 27-2-28, "Fighting by Agreement."

That ordinance currently reads: "No person or persons in the City shall fight by any type of agreement (written or verbal). Any or all who participate in such fighting shall be in violation of this provision regardless of circumstances. (Excluded from this provision are organized athletic type events.)"

The council also expects to hear an update on its disagreement with Union Pacific Railroad and the transportation giant's claims to property on North 23rd Street that Murphysboro officials claims the city owns and has maintained for decades.

In the fall, railroad company representatives contacted several residents on North 23rd Street, telling them that they were trespassing when they used part of the road to access their homes without the company's permission.

Seeking to protect the city's rights to city streets, or what it calls city streets, the mayor and city attorney have contacted railroad company representatives to discuss the matter and see what documentation they have, if any, on their ownership and maintenance of the roadway over the years.

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Stephanie Esters is a reporter covering Jackson and Union counties.

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