Murphysboro Park District rededicates city's 145-year-old park

Murphysboro Park District rededicates city's 145-year-old park in November.

Provided by Murphysboro Park District

MURPHYSBORO — A 145-year-old park in Murphysboro has been reopened and rededicated, after new repairs and refurbishments.

The Parkview Park and playground was rededicated on Nov. 9, with newly repaired and refurbished playground equipment, new wood chips, and a new sign.  It is located at 721 N. 9th St.

Established in 1872, the Parkview Park once hosted Independence Day celebrations and campaign speeches, according to a press release from the Park District.  The park, at 145 years old, is Murphysboro's oldest park.

Twenty-eight children from Montessori School of Southern Illinois, members of Kiwanis Club of Murphysboro, representatives from Murphysboro Park District and members of the community attended the rededication ceremony.

“[M]y grandmother played in the park when she was a little girl," Murphysboro resident Michael Jones said. "Sixty-five years ago I played in this park.”

Joe Fry, Murphysboro Park District director thanked the City of Murphysboro for helping move a “literal mountain of woodchips” into the park from the street below. He acknowledged the park maintenance staff’s hard work dismantling the park and rebuilding it from “nearly scratch.” He also thanked the neighbors who tolerated the inconvenience while the park was under construction.

Fry rededicated Parkview as place for kids to run and play, for adults to sit and take in a quiet afternoon and for the entire community to enjoy.

He thanked the members of the Kiwanis Club of Murphysboro — who purchased the wood chips for the park and donated the park's new sign— for all of their encouragement throughout the renovation process and noted that their motivation helped keep the project on track.


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