NEW YORK—Butler, Creighton and Xavier are moving to the new Big East Conference.

  They will join the so-called Catholic 7 basketball schools who left to start a new conference and are keeping the Big East name. The league also announced Wednesday it has completed its broadcasting deal with Fox.

  Butlerand Xavier are leaving the Atlantic 10. Creighton departs the Missouri Valley Conference.

  They join Georgetown, Villanova, Marquette, St. John’s, Providence, Seton Hall and DePaul.

Creighton's departure will be the first change in membership for the Valley since 1996. Only the Ivy League has had as long a tenure as the MVC in terms of keeping its members.

For more on today's announcement, see and Thursday's editions.

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Big Loss for the MVC. Murray St. and maybe IL - Chicago.

Looping in a Chicago School will give SIU more exposure to Chicago talent.


The big question is not what will Creighton do, what the heck will the Vallery do? Nine teams will mean three do not get to play in the tournment. As these conferences realign, they are filling up the TV time with guaranteed contracts which leaves conferences like the MVC out in the cold. This is what was behind the Bracket Buster shut dowm. In another article it was pointed out that SIU is having trouble filling its 2013 -2014 schedule. SIU needs to look at a conference realignment too before there are no choices left. A sixteen team conference with 8 teams in each division would really help scheduling and add a great end of season tournment. The more power teams in the conference the more NCAA bids and that is where the money is . The old Sunbelt and the OV could be good foder for building a new confernce. Additionaly, SIU should NEVER play SIUE. It just gives Edwardsville more amo for breaking away from the SIU system.


Why does having 9 teams mean that 3 won't play in the conference tournament? At the most, 1 team wouldn't play in the tournament, or you could have all 9 teams and have the bottom 2 teams play for the final spot into the final 8 (so the winner would play the #1 seed). Unfortunately, I see SIU being shut out in the cold right now in the conference realignment. If this had all happened 5-6 years ago, they would have been in a great place. They were making NCAA tournaments every year (before Lowery ran it into the ground) and their football program was one of the tops in the FCS, but they weren't able to sustain these successes. I still think there is some cache to SIU, especially in basketball, but this is all fueled by football dollars, and to a much (much) lesser extent, basketball - and SIU doesn't have that much of a pedigree in basketball. Look at UCONN - 3 national titles (just 2 years ago for the last one) and they're stuck in the sinking ship formally known as the Big East, praying for the ACC to rescue them. Where's SIU going to go anyways? No BCS (big 6, really 5 now) conference would want them without an FBS football program. The MAC or Sun Belt are both a step-down in basketball and they play FBS football anyway too. All the other FCS conferences are a step-down in basketball too. Maybe the A-10? I could see that conference raiding the MVC for some basketball teams, but as I said above, SIU is down right now in basketball. Wichita St. right now would be the prize from the remaining MVC teams. Conference-USA makes sense for basketball, but again, they play FBS football. I don't think we've seen the end the conference realignment. I see the ACC taking one more program - probably UCONN to have 16 basketball teams. The BIG-12 is going to expand again probably, and I think, living out here in Tucson, that the PAC-12 still has their eyes on Texas, Texas Tech, Oklahoma and Ok. St. - they have no real other options - Gonzaga's a good basketball program but not football, maybe BYU, if Utah will allow it. I still think the SEC wants to go to 16 and so does the B1G (BIG-10). There are rumors that the B1G will go after UNC or Georgia Tech from the ACC. Small leagues like the MVC (even the ACC gets picked from - see Maryland) and programs like SIU are going to left out in the cold.

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