UNION COUNTY - Former Union County state’s attorney Allen James of Vienna will be suspended from practicing law for four months effective April 5 under an order entered March 15 by the Illinois Supreme Court and released March 18.

James, while serving as state’s attorney, committed aggravated assault on a process server who was attempting to serve him with a summons in a lawsuit, according to a summary from the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission.

James was accused of pulling a .380 caliber handgun in an encounter with the process server on March 19, 2008.

In June 2011, James was found guilty of aggravated assault in a stipulated bench trial. The judge fined James $1,500, ordered 12 months supervision and surrender of the handgun. Charges were to be dismissed upon successful completion of supervision.

The ARDC panel that recommended suspension said that while a final judgment of guilt might not be entered as a result of James successfully completing supervision, the judge’s initial finding of guilt was enough to initiate Illinois Supreme Court disciplinary proceedings.

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That's how corrupt the justice system is in Illinois especially !!! And yes they could actually muder someone & walk the next day . In our world we call these type of people Maggot Low lives , getting blowjobs from his clients or giving blowjobs , to the Judge , whichever !


Yeah and if it was anyone else he would have been sent strait to JAIL... One set of rules for them and then we get screwed.... I can only hope that this man dose us all favor and goes plays in traffic..

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