CARTERVILLE — Enrollment numbers are John A. Logan College have taken a slight dip for spring semester 2018, according to Dr. Ron House, president of John A. Logan College.

Provided by John A. Logan College
Ron House

“We have about 97 fewer students this spring than spring semester a year ago. That’s probably 2½ percent,” House said.

He added that while enrollment is not quite stable, it is pretty close to stable. House has heard that other community colleges in Illinois are seeing greater declines in enrollment.

Although the college saw a slight decline in overall enrollment, the numbers show some successes.

Enrollment in online classes is up about 9 percent. Dual credit enrollment also is up. In-district high school students may take classes and receive both high school and college credit for the class.

House said dual credit is a good way for high school students to transition into community college instruction and get a good start on a college degree.

The assumption is that when these students graduate high school, that, if they have taken one, two or more classes, these students will come here and complete their associate degree.

“If they want to, they can come here and finish their degree when they get out of high school,” House said. “It is great for students, great for the college and parents like it, too.”

The JALC district includes the following high schools: Carbondale, Carterville, Crab Orchard, Du Quoin, Elverado, Herrin, Johnston City, Marion, Murphysboro, Trico and West Frankfort. House believes that all 11 high schools offer dual enrollment classes.

“Community college is almost always financially a better deal than going to a university. It is a good thing for everybody,” House added.

One of JALC’s biggest enrollment successes is the numbers of in-district high school graduates who are choosing to start their college careers at JALC.

In 2007, JALC enrolled about 39 percent of the high school graduates in its district. In 2017, the college enrolled 52.8 percent of in-district high school graduates.

“We think we can do better, and we are growing that program dramatically,” House said.

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