CARBONDALE - An old Carbondale ghost story may have some real scientific evidence behind it, and the creators of a nationally aired television show plan to put it to the test.

The cast and crew of Ghost Lab, a Discovery Channel series in which co-hosts Brad and Barry Klinge, use a highly scientific approach to investigate America's most renowned hauntings, have set up shop at Carbondale' Hundley House, a home long believed to be haunted since a grisly double murder at the residence some 80 years ago.

The Ghost Lab crew arrived at the house Monday and will be shooting through this evening for an episode in their second season, to be aired this fall on the Discovery Channel.

"There's so many haunted places in America and around the world, but not as many as you'd think have legitimate claims," said Barry Klinge. "We're going to give this one the best shot we can and, hopefully, at the end, we're going to have something to show the citizens of Carbondale."

Ghost hunting shows have become popular thrillers among modern cable television programming, but the Klinges claim their program goes beyond the common scare by finding, or not finding, scientific proof of paranormal activity.

The brothers and co-founders of the series bring their high-tech "Ghost Lab" to the most notorious haunted places in America, more than 50 so far, using conventional equipment to make recordings, measurements and analyses of environmental factors that prove or disprove ghostly activity.

"We use a scientific method in our investigation and that's what makes us different," said Brad Klinge. "It's not necessarily about what you find; it's how you find it and how you correlate it. Sometimes you don't find anything."

The Ghost Lab crew set its sights on the Hundley House after hearing all the tales of haunted happenings and the historic account of former Carbondale mayor J.C. Hundley and his wife, Luella, who were brutally shot to death in the home on Dec. 12, 1928.

Dan Jones, owner of the Hundley House, opened the home as a bed and breakfast after purchasing it two years ago and has heard stories of strange noises, mysterious piano music and paranormal movement in the house.

"I was quite surprised that they called," Jones said. "We've had paranormal groups come before and everyone always asks if the place is haunted ... I'm just trying to gather as much information as possible."

Jones said his interest in the house is mostly the historic preservation of the property, but the Hundley House has gained quite a following on the Internet as a place that is as haunted as any.

"It's just flat-out cool," Jones said. "To get a show of their caliber here is fantastic."

None of the findings from the Ghost Lab investigation into the Hundley House will be available until the episode airs, Barry Klinge said, which will likely be sometime in October. It's the mission of the crew to figure out if any paranormal activity is actually occurring within the house, and analyzing the gathered data after the investigation is one of the longest parts of the work.

"Through the team's experience, we know this stuff is real, and, based on how we see it, it exists in a natural environment," Klinge said. "If you can record it on conventional instruments, then there must be something scientific to it - there has to be - and that's what we explore."



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