CHICAGO (AP) — Illinois gun owners who fail to report the theft or loss of a weapon will face tougher restrictions under a new law signed by Gov. Pat Quinn on Sunday.

The law closes a background check loophole for the sale or transfer of a firearm from a private party. It also requires firearm thefts or losses to be reported within 72 hours.

Quinn, a staunch supporter of gun control, signed the legislation at a South Side Chicago park where off duty Chicago police officer Thomas Wortham was fatally shot in May 2010.

He was flanked by members of the Wortham family and Illinois gun control advocates.

The law, Quinn said, "will protect all of us when guns get into the wrong hands."

Democrats State Sen. Kwame Raoul and state Rep. Mike Zalewski sponsored the bill. It's also supported by Chicago Police Chief Garry McCarthy.

Cook County State's Attorney Anita Alvarez said the legislation will help police identify suspicious patterns of behavior by persons who fail to file reports yet claim their guns were lost or stolen after they are recovered at a crime scene. Alvarez said the Illinois Council on Handgun Violence spent hours in her office advocating for the legislation.

The requirement to report thefts goes into effect immediately. The background check changes start next year.

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Now just who wouldn't report a lost or the theft of a gun? Report within 72 hours? Heck I may not look at my guns one time ever year or two. It could be a long time before I realized any was missing.


And that would make you a criminal Joe! (Me too)


"Will protect all of us when guns get into the wrong hands" yeah right...just like all the other laws that the criminals abide by. Stupid governor.


The foolish aspect of Chicago's gun laws is that they make paperwork criminals out of people who have harmed no one. Since a greater number of people in Southern Illinois legally own firearms, we know where those new criminals will be found.

How about this for a foolish law that is aimed at criminals. Instead of requiring law abiding people to report a theft, require criminals who steal guns to report the theft. It makes no more sense, but at least Chicagoans can feel safer without creating new criminals from thin air.

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