CAHOKIA, Ill. (AP) — An Illinois lawmaker wants to change the state's new concealed-carry law to ban guns in places of worship.

The law bars concealed weapons from schools, courthouses, government buildings, libraries and public transit. But churches, mosques and synagogues must post signs if they don't want people carrying guns onto the property.

Democratic Sen. Dan Kotowski of Park Ridge has introduced an amendment to change that, saying houses of worship "should be off-limits."

Pastor Charles Burton of Unity Fellowship Church in Godfrey supports the amendment, saying he refuses "to be governed by fear." But Pastor Cory Respondek of Living Water Church in Cahokia says churches should be able to decide for themselves.

The law was passed July 9 to comply with a federal appeals court ruling striking down Illinois' last-in-the-nation ban.

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I am not a fan of CC laws, but it seems churches could decide to opt out. Let me ask CC folks something. If a business or church has a no guns policy is it a crime to bring a gun there? If the person is told to leave and won't, they can be charged with trespassing of course. But can they be fined for bringing a gun to place that has posted "no guns"?


@mike - "Let me ask CC folks something. If a business or church has a no guns policy is it a crime to bring a gun there? If a business..........." - If you want an answer that means anything I suggest asking a lawyer and not "CC folks".


Read it here:


Old Joe, what makes a church building any different than other buildings? Crazies with intent to do harm are drawn to places where there are large crowds in small areas and where they know that no one will have the means to stop them. I have been on staff at churches for years, and I try to keep an eye on the crowd for problems.
Gillsburger is 100% correct.


March 2009. A man murders a pastor at a church in Maryville, Illinois. Illinois did not have carry permits. It was illegal for him to have a gun there.

October 2009. Two men were shot at a synagogue in Los Angeles. The shooter did not have a concealed carry permit. It was illegal for him to have a gun there.

August 2012. Six people killed and four others wounded at a Sikh Temple in Wisconsin. The shooter did not have a carry permit. It was illegal for him to have a gun there.

February 2010. Two people were shot at a church in Richmond, California. The men who did the shooting did not have carry permits. It was illegal for them to have guns there.

A person I know well told me about an incident regarding his father. His father was a pastor at a church in Oklahoma. He drew his gun on church property when two teenagers were burglarizing the church. He held them until police arrived. It was legal to have a gun at the church. My acquaintance said his dad often had a gun on him during service.

How many examples does Mr. Kotowski need to understand that gun ban laws without physical enforcement are only obeyed by those who are no threat? Where guns were illegal, they are used to commit crimes. Where guns are legal, they are used to stop crimes. If a church does not want guns on its property, it should have that right. They should also have the right to allow it.


@Gills, you beat me to the punch on this one. You forgot Mary Shepard of Shepard v. Madigan. Mary Shepard had a permit for two states but was defenseless against a thug on parole who beat the crap out of her and another elderly lady @ a church in Anna.

I'll add the first amendment of "freedom of church & state", tho not really in the first amendment, but the libs sure love to quote it like it is.


If I went to church, and felt the need to carry a weapon, I believe I would stop going to church. Maybe go to a saloon were is would be safer.


Pastor Charles Burton of Unity Fellowship Church should have no fear. If he really believes in what he preaches, he should have no fear. I think this is something each church should decide. Government has more important things it should be focusing on.

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