President Barack Obama may have won re-election Tuesday night, but it wasn’t thanks to Southern Illinois.

Of the 15 counties The Southern Illinoisan collected vote totals for, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney won 13.

Romney, the Republican, took Franklin, Gallatin, Hardin, Jefferson, Johnson, Massac, Perry, Pope, Pulaski, Randolph, Saline, Union and Williamson counties.

Obama, the Democratic incumbent, won Alexander and Jackson counties.

In Alexander, the vote was very close, with Obama topping Romney, 1,429-1,281.

With 58 of 59 precincts reporting Wednesday, Jackson County voters cast 11,306 votes for Obama and 9,130 for Romney.

Johnson County had the greatest disparity between Obama and Romney. The President garnered only 26 percent of the vote, while Romney earned 71 percent.

Overall, Romney received about 57.5 percent of the vote in Southern Illinois. Obama received about 40 percent.

Of the 147,318 presidential votes cast locally, Romney finished ahead 84,728-59,094. Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson received 2,049. Green Party candidate Jill Stein notched 1,447.

12th District

In Southern Illinois, the vote for the 12th Congressional District was a bit closer.

Democrat Bill Enyart won the election, but fell short of a victory in Southern Illinois.

Republican Jason Plummer carried Southern Illinois by a little more than 5,000 votes. He received 57,534 votes. Enyart received 52,214, and Green Party candidate Paula Bradshaw finished with 7,690.

Of the 117,438 votes cast, Plummer notched about 49 percent of the vote. Enyart earned about 44.5 percent, and Bradshaw garnered 6.5 percent.

There were nine local counties choosing between the three candidates — Alexander, Franklin, Jackson, Jefferson, Perry, Pulaski, Randolph, Union and Williamson.

Enyart took Alexander, Franklin, Jackson and Pulaski. Plummer won Jefferson, Perry, Randolph, Union and Williamson.

Enyart’s local victories were, for the most part, of smaller margins. For instance, he won Franklin County by 89 votes and Pulaski by a mere 28.

Williamson County was Plummer’s strongest, locally. He received 14,958 out of 28,607 votes, good for about 52 percent.


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It wasn't just southern Illinois; I did some research this morning. Of the 102 counties in the state Obama "won' a whopping 22. One the ones he won was Cook. Take them out of the picture and Illinois woulda went Romney.


looking for the common denominator, haha - Congratulations are due President Obama for winning reelection in spite of the fierce headwinds.

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