Makanda Boardwalk (copy)

This property, seen in November 2015 at 520 Makanda Road, is being sold for $275,000. It is part of the Makanda Boardwalk, a strip of businesses, restored to their 1890s heyday, that has become a tourist and artistic attraction.

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MAKANDA — A major piece of the Makanda Boardwalk is still up for sale, almost five months after it went on the market.

The property for sale is 520 Makanda Road, which has three apartments upstairs and space for five shops on its first floor. The building is advertised for sale at $275,000.

In the 1890s, the boardwalk served the railroad community and in the 1970s was revived as an artists' community and has become an icon and tourist destination.

"There has been a continual flow of interest in this property, but no official offers or super-serious — physical visits by buyers — since (this past summer)," Ted Popov, realtor for Re/Max Realty Professional, wrote Monday in an email.

"I am hopeful that with things picking up around (Giant City State) park and wineries with the good weather that we'll attract more attention."

Makanda hosts a Vulture Festival, and next year on Aug. 21, 2017, it is set to be in a direct line of a total eclipse, cutting a swath diagonally across 15 U.S. states, from California, through Southern Illinois, on to South Carolina.



Stephanie Esters is a reporter covering Jackson and Union counties.

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