MURPHYSBORO - Murphysboro High School held its Senior Awards night May 11. Awards and the students who received them are as follows:

Illinois Principals Association Award: Abby Bateman and Garrett Burroughs.

Illinois State Scholars: Abby Bateman, Hilary Brewer, Leslie Bridges, Joshua Brown, Taylor Bryant, Garrett Burroughs, Samuel Chapa, Hannah Clover, Aaron Erbes, Karissa Grammer, Casie Jacobs, Cameron Keener, Tassie Lirely and Phylesha Sigman.

National Beta Club: Abby Bateman, Kayla Berry, Hilary Brewer, Leslie Bridges, Taylor Bryant, Garrett Burroughs, Ashley Elliott, Dajia Elliott, Aaron Erbes, Chelsea Grammer, Karissa Grammer, Megan Holmes, Keawanna Houston, Casie Jacobs, Brittany Jones, Tassie Lirely, Megan Maloney, Jaelen McWilliams, Brittney Mifflin, Stephanie Moore, Casey Nadolski, Kyle Quigley, Jameela Rollins, Phylesha Sigman, Cassie Torgeson, Rachel Welch and Jessica Whitehead.

National Beta Club Leadership Scholarship: Abby Bateman.

Daniel Brush Chapter NSDAR, Daughters of the American Revolution: Karissa Grammer.

Lions Club Scholarship: Phylesha Sigman.

Kiwanis Scholarship: Aaron Erbes and Karissa Grammer.

Scholar Bowl Awards: Josh Brown, Taylor Brown, Aaron Erbes, Zachary Hostetler and Kyle Quigley.

WYSE Awards: Samuel Chapa and Zachary Hostetler.

Nursing Certificates: Angeles Acosta, Rita Basilio, Jessa Crabtree,Megan Holmes, Stepha-nie Moore, Kimberly Pugh, Jameela Rollins and Cassandra Smith.

Vocal Music/Drama Awards: Angles Acosta, Rachel Bilyeu, Leslie Bridges, Jessica Collins, Cassie Crismon, Ashley Elliott, Brendan Greer, Kirstyn Hanson, Hanna Huff, Britany Jones and Cheyenne Jones.

Service Awards: Cody Brashear, Hilary Brewer, Garrett Burroughs, Ashley Elliott, Aaron Erbes, Karissa Grammer, Britany Jones, Kyle Quigley, Jameelah Rollins and Rachel Welch.

Bank of Carbondale: Abby Bateman, Karissa Grammer and Brittney Mifflin.

John K. Freebern Memorial Scholarships: Aaron Erbes and Taylor Bryant.

Murphysboro Education Association Teaching: Cassie Pieron and Stephanie Volner.

Ronald Westerfield Scholarship: Cassie Pieron.

Patriots Marching Color Guard, Bravo Company Scholarship: Karissa Grammer.

Doerr Scholarship: Matthew Ahlfield.

Delta Kappa Gamma/Florence A. Cook: Taylor Bryant.

Murphysboro Chamber of Commerce Student Citizen of the Year Award: Kyle Quigley.

Murphysboro Elks Scholarship: Caleb Rednour.

Nick Grammer Memorial Scholarship: Kory Graff.

Jackson County Home Extension Vocational Scholarships: Jaleela Rollins and Bo Wooldridge.

St. Joseph Memorial Hospital Auxiliary Scholarships: Megan Holmes and Stephanie Moore.

Cliff Stein Scholarship: Dre Shean Payne.

Elizabeth Mann Oliver Scholarship: Cassie Crismon.

John B. and Ellen D. Wathen Scholarship: Morgan Hartung.

Gilbert and Betty Reiman Scholarship: Emily Ward.

Black Diamond Harley-Davidson Community College Scholarship: Cassandra Smith.

President's Education Awards: Matt Ahfield, Abby Bateman, Kayla Berry, Hannah Brooks, Garrett Burroughs, Samuel Chapa, Hannah Clover, Jessica Collins, Ashley Elliott, Dajia Elliott, Aaron Erbes, Nykeshia Dowell, Chelsea Grammer, Zachary Hostetler, Keawanna Houston, Casie Jacobs, Elijah Jacobs, Brittney Jones, Jaelen McWilliams, Casey Nadolski, Kyle Quigley, Jamelah Rollins, Cassie Torgesen, Stephanie Volner and Jessica Whitehead.

SIU Presidential Scholarship: Taylor Bryant and Garrett Burroughs.

SIU Provost Scholarship: Hannah Clover.

SIU Deans Scholarship: Drew Howell.

SIU-Inspiring Women - Our Mothers Scholarship: Abby Bateman.

Jackson County High School /SIU Alumni Scholarship: Abby Bateman and Taylor Bryant.

Vocational/Technical Career Scholarships: Angeles Acosta and Deaudra McCroy.

John A. Logan Academic Scholarships: Cody Brashear and Phylesha Sigman.

John A. Logan Board of Trustees Vocational Scholarship: Jacob Miller.

Student of the Month Scholarship Winners: September -Aaron Erbes and Karissa Grammer; October - Abby Bateman and Phylesha Sigman; November Garett Burroughs Cody Brashear; December - Hilary Brewer and Meagan Maloney; January - Kyle Quigley and Rachel Welch; February -Tassie Lirely and Leslie Bridges; March - Joshua Brown and Keawanna Houston; April - Morgan Hartung Jacob Miller; May - Kirstyn Hanson Chelsea Grammer.

Student of the Year Awards: Aaron Erbes and Karissa Grammer.

Elizabeth Smysor Scholarships: Abby Bateman, Taylor Bryant, Samual Chapa, Aaron Er-bes, Cameron Keener, Meagan Maloney, Megan Mileur, Kyle Quigley, Phylesha Sigma and Rachel Welch.

Humbert Rogers Student Athlete Scholarships: Cody Brashear and Hilary Brewer.

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