CARBONDALE — SIU has received roughly $12 million from the state’s Monetary Award Program grant funding, a welcome cash flow boost going into the spring semester, university President Glenn Poshard said Monday.

The money is reimbursement for Illinois fall semester MAP awards to students who attended one of the SIU campuses. About $4.17 million went to the Edwardsville campus, while $7.18 million went to Carbondale, Poshard said.

Funding came sooner than expected, as last year’s reimbursement didn’t come until later in the spring. It’s an appreciated and needed influx of cash as the campuses gear up for a new semester.

“At least for the moment it catches us up,” Poshard said.

It’s also a bit of certainty against some looming issues that could have drastic effects on SIU later in the year — namely, a decision on pension reform and a federal spending plan that avoids across-the-board cuts to all agencies, a move that could cut $9 million in student aid and research funding from the university.

“Certainly the sequestration worries me at the federal level; I hate to keep running up against these crises all the time,” Poshard said. “I don’t want to see the federal government continue to run up against these drop-dead deadlines every two or three months.”

Poshard said he remains in a wait-and-see mode on the state’s pension matter. He and other university presidents last year outlined a position on pension reform in which public universities could over time absorb more employee pension costs from the state at a rate of a 1 percent increase each year.


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Yay for them. Too bad it doesn't help the majority of students who had their MAP grants slashed or cut out entirely this year. But at least the university gets THEIR money.

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