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Randy Dunn


CARBONDALE — The search for SIU’s new chancellor is set to begin.

Late last week, President Randy Dunn appointed 18 professors, students and other members of the broader university community to a search committee, charged with identifying and interviewing applicants, and submitting a short list of qualified candidates to the president.

The new chancellor will replace Interim Chancellor Paul Sarvela, who died unexpectedly in November. Dunn will continue fulfilling chancellor duties until a candidate is hired.

The search is expected to take about six months.

“The committee will meet this week to receive its charge and then move forward with a goal of having a new chancellor on board by the beginning of the fall semester,” Dunn said in a news release.

Dunn selected Dr. Meera Komarraju, chairwoman of the psychology department, and Carl Flowers, director of the Rehabilitation Institute, to co-chair the committee.

“It’s an important responsibility,” Komarraju said. “Looking at the make-up of the committee, it looks to be a nice mix of different groups on campus. We’ll have a good representation of various groups’ interests.”

The group will meet throughout the semester, beginning on Friday. After Dunn receives the short-list recommendations, he will choose one finalist and submit that candidate to the Board of Trustees for vetting and final approval.

Additional members of the search committee include:

• Laurie Achenbach, dean of the College of Science

• Linda Baker, professor, Paul Simon Public Policy Institute

• Deborah Burris, clinical associate professor of teacher education

• Kenneth Buzbee, former state senator

• Terry Clark, marketing professor

• Judith Davie, associate professor of biochemistry and molecular biology

• Carolin Harvey, accountant, Registrar’s Office

• Bethany Henning, doctoral student in philosophy

• Randy Hughes, associate professor of mathematics

• Kathy Jones, associate athletic director

• James MacLean, associate professor of physiology

• Christina McIntyre, associate professor of curriculum and instruction

• Karen Midden, associate dean, College of Agricultural Sciences

• Marsha Ryan, alumna and past president of the SIU Foundation

• Cameron Shulak, undergraduate student in aviation management

• Woody Thorne, vice president of community affairs for Southern Illinois Healthcare

Non-voting members of the committee include Matt Baughman, assistant to the chancellor; John Haller, special assistant to the president; and Adrian Miller, student member of the Board of Trustees.




Sarah Graham is a reporter for The Southern Illinoisan covering higher education and Union County.

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