CARBONDALE -- Don't look for any changes in SIU's marketing strategies for at least another year.

The Board of Trustees ended in June its four-year relationship with the marketing firm, Lipman Hearne, but SIU's marketing strategy for Fall 2015 is already in the works, meaning any major changes won't be rolled out until the 2016 recruitment campaign.

"We've had all our creative materials developed and our advertising in place, so the timing was actually better than it could have been," Rae Goldsmith, marketing and communications director, said. "So we're well set for next year."

The school's marketing department now has its sights set on Fall 2016

"We will be spending this year thinking about how we will structure and adapt for the following recruitment cycle, which is actually Fall 2016. We've got Fall 2014 now. All of that work was done more than a year ago," Goldsmith said.

"Our marketing and branding campaign for the Fall 2015 cycle is just starting. We have most of those pieces in place and ready to go, so we're always planning about a year ahead."

But whatever changes are made for the 2016 recruitment campaign, one constant will be SIU's logo, which was part of the school's contract with Lipman Hearne.

"We're not adding any specific changes in the logo," Goldsmith said. "The university has put a big investment into its brand."

She also said billboard advertising will continue to be included in the school's mix of marketing tools, which include direct mail to prospective students, radio advertising and digital advertising.

Much of the school's marketing and advertising will now be done internally.

Goldsmith said the school's previous relationship with Lipman Hearne prepared the university to create its own marketing strategy.

"One of the things that external firms do that can be helpful to institutions is help people see the bigger picture, help you assess your competition and know what's going on in the world, and Lipman Hearne did that," Goldsmith said. "We now know how to get that information ourselves."

Interim Chancellor Paul Sarvela estimated that in-house marketing will save the school $1 million a year.

He said Goldsmith and the marketing department have adapted well to the changes thrown at them.

"I think our folks in marketing are doing an absolutely outstanding job, and they've picked up the areas that need to be picked up, and we think we're not going to miss a beat," Sarvela said.

Dunn told the board that conversations with Goldsmith left him confident the school will not be left "behind the eight-ball." 

"We understand that's kind of a shock to the system, and they had to scramble pretty quickly to get their plan in place," Dunn said.

To adapt to life without an external marketing firm, Goldsmith said staff may have to be added and/or smaller contracts may need to be signed with various marketing firms.

"It's probably going to be a combination of those things, and certainly it's a conversation that we'll have at the administrative level," Goldsmith said. "But I've very optimistic that we will be able to move forward."

Chris Hottensen is the entertainment and features reporter for The Southern Illinoisan.

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