CARBONDALE - The building that will offers services such as admissions, housing and the bursar at SIU Carbondale is on schedule, Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance Kevin Bame said.

Crews are now working on the roof with tasks such as bricklaying and drywall still to come. Bame said the hope is that departments will begin moving into the building in August and that hope is pretty likely thanks to the team of individuals working on the project.

“It’s coming together nicely,” Bame said. “It’s a good team.”

The basic shape of the building can already be seen on campus. The final product will have a retro look on the outside with a modern look on the inside. Bame said the design the Board of Trustees approved called on a classic look that would fit in with the surrounding buildings.

The building will have a lot of “curb appeal” for the campus, he added. The practical purpose of the building is to smooth the admission process for new students and offer better services to current students.

“It’s a huge building and will be a real benefit to current, future and past students,” Bame said.

Katharine Suskie, director of undergraduate admissions on campus, said in a 2012 interview that the building will make a lot of jobs easier and will also give a boost to students’ initial impressions of the university.

“This is really going to give students a great impression,” she said. “The first building they’re going to see is the newest building on campus.”

The building, which is paid for through Student Services fees, costs about $36 million.


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