CARBONDALE - Greg Knoob, the owner of Stix Bar and Billiards, vowed to appeal a recent decision by the Illinois Liquor Control Commission to the highest court possible to vindicate himself and his business.

On Monday, the state commission upheld a city decision to fine Knoob $4,500 for an incident last fall in which two girls under the age of 21 were found in possession of alcohol in his bar. One of the girls was 15.

"Sufficient evidence was presented at the local hearing to prove that the appellant (Knoob) permitted two persons under the age of 21 to possess alcoholic liquor on the licensed premises on Nov. 7, 2008," the state decision reads. "In all other matters the local liquor control commission proceeded in a manner provided by law."

Knoob said Tuesday that he and his staff observed all required identification checks and that no one knowingly allowed underage persons into his bar.

He said he will appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court if necessary.

Jack wins appeal

Council Member Lance Jack will have the opportunity to have his request for a liquor license heard again after the state commission ruled that Carbondale City Council members, wearing their hats as liquor commission members, erred in denying Jack his license at their March meeting.

Specifically, commission members Joel Fritzler, Mary Pohlmann, Chris Wissmann and Steven Haynes should not have reasoned that Jack's license would "not be in the best interest of the city."

Such logic did not provide legal justification for the denial, the Illinois Liquor Control Commission ruled.

Jack is the owner of Fat Patties on South Illinois Avenue.

Assistant City Attorney Jamie Snyder said there is no timeline on when the matter will be considered, but it will be reconsidered by the full commission again.


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