Dear Mr. President:

You are not leading this country as your position demands. You are too busy giving others down the road. Your reference to Hillary Clinton as “crooked Hillary” is very un-American and showing very poor statesmanship. You can’t stop with your criticism of the FBI. You publicly say something and the whole country hears it and then you deny saying it. Most statements you make, it seems, is based upon blowing your own horn. You try to dishonor past presidents and try to make them look inferior to you.

You campaigned on “Making America Great Again.” I would rather you had said, "Keep America Great." Mr. President, it is my strong opinion that America has never stopped being great. We have experienced highs and lows, but have always continued to be great. Until you entered the scene, we have always been envied by our friendly nations and always respected by them. This seems to be changing in the recent months that you have been in office. Your braggart habits are ruining our respect from many nations that has always backed our country. Quit tweeting and making foolish remarks.

You said, Mr. President, that you were a genius. This conclusion should be left for others to decide. We all think we are geniuses at times, but we know better -- apparently you don’t.

You, Mr. President, are no longer in Trump Tower, your house -- you are now in the people’s house, the White House. You act like a spoiled child because you no longer have your way with every breath.

Your position as president of the greatest nation of the world holds grave responsibilities and I pray that you will soon quit bragging and successfully fulfill them and keep your hand off the button that you and Kim Jong Un both hold. Your border wall, Mr. President, will not accomplish anything if built. Billions of dollars will be needlessly wasted. Drugs will be flown over the wall and desperate people looking for a better life will find ways to overcome this wall.

Your Secretary of State, Vice President and a lot of your party’s congressmen and women seem to be befuddled by your remarks. Certainly a lot of we the public are. Russia is not our friend. Stop acting as if they were.

You seem to be interested in fixing the terrible situation in our country -- the heinous murdering of innocent children in our schools. This is the most-talked-about subject in our country at this time. We are greatly in need of solving this problem of assault weapons accessible to the public. Don’t let anyone interfere with your decision making on this subject and ban all assault guns for public use.

I didn’t vote for you or Hillary in the last election because I was sick of the mud-slinging I heard from both of you -- especially you. People want to hear what a candidate stands for, and the ideas they have for a better country. Forget all the scuttlebutt about the other candidate.

In all sincerity, Mr. President, I wish you well. If you do well, all Americans will do well. I would hope that in another year are two I can reverse my thoughts and give you a passing grade.

But, now, you are now failing.


A concerned American.

Charles F. Burdick is a lifelong resident of Grand Tower. After graduating from high school, he joined the U.S. Navy and then went on to a 42-year Maritime career including 35 years as Master Pilot. He has been retired for 23 years and enjoys local history and writing poetry.