The end is near! This is not a drill! President Donald Trump may or may not have uttered a dirty word!

So what was the unthinkable word that the President may or may not have spoken? The politically correct version is of the sullied utterance is “privy deposit-ingress portal.” (Note: As a courtesy to The Southern’s editor, the expletive will be referred to as an “x-hole.”)

Not unexpectedly, he media’s uber-eager talking heads joyfully and breathlessly repeated the suspected salty word over and over again. In one afternoon of watching CNN, I counted seven x-hole dittos. Did I mention that the x-hole word has been rebranded and is now also a (gasp!) racial slur?

In an Oval Office meeting with congressional representatives, while discussing immigration reform, President Trump, according to some accounts, referred to several countries whose citizens are systemically abused, as “x-hole countries.” Other attendees denied hearing such language.

So what if the x-word was used?

As one who lived two x-hole countries, I’ll sum my experiences. Life in an x-hole stinks. To retain power, leaders of x-hole countries share a commonality to control their citizenry. Their tools are brutality, torture, murder, theft, humiliation, deprivation and imprisonment. All result in the total and absolute disparity between the ruling thugs and their victims.

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A hint — identifying x-hole countries is simple. Just look at what such regimes call themselves. Some examples: People’s Republic of …, Democratic Republic of …, Democratic People’s Republic of …, Socialist Republic of …, or the Islamic Republic of .... These dictatorships are neither Democratic nor do they resemble a Republic. Think Venezuela, Angola, Nicaragua, Iran, Haiti, Botswana, Chad, North Korea, etc.

As to the racist label — baloney! Is it racist to call countries whose ruling punks abuse their people, x-holes? Is it racist for the tormented to call out their tormentors? Should I bite my tongue about what the x-hole criminals did to my family?

Until the advent of identity politics, the “racist” label was on par with “pedophile.” No more. For some, calling their fellow Americans “racist” has been so deluded to mean “I disagree with you.”

As an expatriate from two x-hole countries, I applaud our President for speaking truth about corrupt countries that abuse their people. He calls ‘em as he sees ‘em — and good for him.

To be fair, Mr. Trump did blunder mightily by not recording the immigration-fix meeting — especially in the presence of our state's very own Sen. Dick Durbin. Let’s not forget, it was Mr. Durbin who once compared U.S. soldiers to “Nazis and gulag guards” and parroted the “keep your doctor, your plan, save $2,500” Obamacare untruths on the Senate floor.

A Senator who sometimes struggles with the truth, Mr. Durbin has anointed himself as the Senate’s version of the grammar school snitch. Believing that he heard a pejorative, he could barely contain himself. As the meeting’s concluded, he rushed in front of the cameras, and like a second-grader shouted, “Miss Jones! Miss Jones! Donald said a very bad word.”

So there it is. Should presidents avoid salty language in the Oval Office? Should presidents avoid staining little blue dresses in that same Oval Office? Hey, it’s an imperfect world.

Gus Maroscher, of Marion, is a regular letter writer to The Southern.


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