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To the Editor:

Achieving victory over Islamic terrorism presupposes an America which has been unshackled from dependence upon middle eastern oil producers. America must make changes in its energy policies to gain the leverage necessary to deal with Islamic terrorists because the same oil producing nations which have crippled America form the backbone of Islam's strength and influence.

As a matter of policy, we must recognize that excessive environmental limitations must be set aside in favor of giving our homeland the needed capacity to defeat Islamic terrorism. In other words, the objectives championed by environmentalists must be deemed to be subordinate, at least for a time, to our more pressing need to secure our freedom from the threats of Islamic terrorists. Once America begins converting a condition of dependency into an economic bargaining chip, America can then begin applying economic and other meaningful pressures to these nations to force them to deal with their Islamic brothers.

There is one simple point which should be made. Those nations which are sympathetic to radical Islam have allowed Islamic terrorists to exist. Islamic states have also done nothing on their own initiative to combat the barbaric behavior of jihadists. America can embark on a new path where the United States, having first positioned itself to do so, can apply enough non-military pressure to Islamic states to cause them to remove Islamic terrorists from within their respective borders. In essence, Islamic terrorism will end when Islamic states are compelled to limit and control their radical brethren.

Chris Tabing



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