To the Editor:

Stress brings out the best and the worst in us. The stress of hosting the most watched eclipse in history brought out the best in SIU and the city of Carbondale.

There are many who deserve our thanks. Bob Baer is at the top of my list, from what I got to experience, as deserving a huge thank you from all of us in Southern Illinois. What a tremendous amount of work he put in. I'd second that call for nomination for civic awards, he is most deserving.

Second, we have to thank Mike Henry for pulling out all the stops and sprucing up the downtown in time for the event. It's a shame our region had to wait so long for the city to begin such a revitalization. I also enjoyed Amy Fox and her work. Her articles in the paper had some great responses to those who seemed to focus on the negatives. Last, but not least, all the hundreds of volunteers. Carbondale needs to take advantage of being seen in a positive limelight.

On the flip side, I think we'll remember for a long time those who let hysteria or paranoia rule their vision of what it meant to have thousands of visitors from around the world come to our area. We won't soon forget those who thought guards with flak jackets and sidearms were the way to prepare for our visitors. I know I'll be avoiding businesses that felt that was an appropriate response.

Barb Woolard



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