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To the Editor:

As our nation and world has encountered a culture of violence never experienced before and seems to only increase each year, we need to take action to protect ourselves, families and neighbors from the elements of such. Many of us wear medical alert systems, have 911 access, security home system alarms, concealed carry firearms with a valid permit to do so.

In today's world, these devices are very important to comfort us from dangers outside or homes, inside and travels to various areas. We must not let this culture of violence affect our way of thinking that outlawing legal weapons will improve the wrong doing of others whom are buying weapons to impose danger and grief upon innocent children and ourselves. What is the answer to alleviate this problem?

I could lay down every firearm that I own on my back porch or yard for a week or more and assure all that not a one would get up and decide to harm someone. However, if the wrong person picked it up and decided to shoot somebody with it then it would not be the firearms fault but the person whom decided to conduct a violent act of harming or killing people. Now what is answer to alleviate this problem?

Can it be that some teachers, neighbors, family members, etc. that are properly trained in the use of deadly force with a firearm that imposes immediate danger to innocent children, neighbors, families, etc. stand up and speak up to volunteer and offer their service to carry and protect? As a parent, guardian, family member, neighbor etc.,we should all alert law enforcement about any abnormal conduct of each and every adult, child, or any intruding person that we suspect may be intending harm to any individual. Background checks, criminal history, mental illness issues and others prevention has not worked at this point.

Semper fi.

Michael Duncan, USMC



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