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To the Editor:

The people that appear to be the president’s strongest supporters are those who have in a way, been left behind through a variety of reasons. People that love this country dearly. People who were not given a life with dignity, but were instead given the finger.

In this environment, a certain mentality has gained ground that is very powerful. A mentality, I fear, that is not interested in facts. We have entered the age of post truth. As the salesman that the president is, he tells his supporters what they want to hear, and they love it. His supporters prefer to overlook his many shortcomings. His leadership has allowed white supremacists to show themselves. For once, a leader is putting into words their concerns, while at the same time doing nothing for them.

Ted Koppel recently made a comment to Sean Hannity that is worth repeating. “You have attracted people who are determined that ideology is more important than facts.”

In the book "On Tyranny" by Timothy Snyder, a compelling argument is made that current affairs are similar to the conditions in Germany around 1930. “Fascists rejected reason in the name of will, denying objective truth in favor of a glorious myth articulated by leaders who claimed to give voice to the people.”

We live in a country that has little use for history. Not good.

I fear what the president’s followers will do when he is forced from office. As a result, I fear seriously bad times are coming.

Arvid Noreen



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