To the Editor:

When I recently found myself in the lobby of the Fairview Heights library with time to kill before they opened, I picked up a free newspaper called the Metro East Sun to read. A glance at the section "From the publisher" told me that it was a Product of Local Government Information Services.

It stated that its two-fold goal is to (1) provide news about state and local policy matters and politics, and (2) to offer quality local content. It said the publication would respect the broad spectrum of views on a wide array of issues they cover.

However, I noticed that the three articles on the front page all seem to represent conservative views, and after some research, I saw a connection of the main article to the Illinois Policy Institute, that organization that our Gov. Rauner helped start with a half million of his billions. More research brought out an article from a St Louis Labor group that called the Metro East Sun, a bogus organ tied to Rauner -- not a newspaper but Republican campaign litratiure.

I had previously read about how Rauner turned to the IPI for input during the negotiations on solving the school reform program. And that the Illinois News Network, a sister organization to IPI, provides free articles to papers like the Metro East Sun.

So it seems that our Metro East Sun is a part of the right-wing media designed to keep us "properly" lnformed on local issues.

Ray Hollmann

Fairview Heights


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