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To the Editor:

Concern to prevent mass killings is certainly well and good. Identifying and placing restrictions on certain mentally troubled persons or raising the age for legally purchasing guns, or restricting the sale of certain kinds of guns is fraught with difficulty.

While discussion of various proposals continues, individuals should do what responsible adults in many gun related tragedies did not. If there is any chance that a small child or disturbed, or vindictive, or sometimes violent individual can access a firearm, it should be secured and available only in the company of a responsible adult.

Sandy Hook and some other tragedies would have been prevented if trigger locks, which are issued with nearly all new guns, or safes were used properly. Home defense and gun safety are not mutually exclusive. If for no other reason than theft prevention, guns should be secured. A trigger lock can be removed quickly. A hand gun safe can be nearby and opened quickly. Likewise, with practice, opening a long gun safe takes only seconds.

People with unsecured guns should visit gun stores or use search engines to determine what products are best for their situations, buy them, install them, and sleep tight.

Ronald W. Stadt



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