To the Editor:

If you’re not into politics, ignore the tax bill, the sexual harassment legislation, the ACA rollback, but don’t ignore what the FCC has just done to your rights to access the internet.

Their elimination of net neutrality on Dec. 14 will impact everyone’s ability to succeed today — your children’s ability to do their required online homework and keep in touch with their friends through social media; your ability to have a home office or start up a new business; your ability to look for jobs online; your ability to pay your bills quickly online and avoid late payment fees; your ability to find election and public health emergency information; and your ability to access the safest sites without risk of identity theft.

Eliminating net neutrality will hurt rural America more than most. This region already suffers from the worst broadband service because internet companies insist our region is a losing financial enterprise.

And forget about the lip service from internet providers that they won’t change our service. Remember when the first cable TV companies promised they wouldn’t have ads? Internet is a utility and a modern necessity, no different from water, electric, or gas, and we all deserve fair affordable access even in the smallest towns in the heartland.

If you’ve never written to your legislators, now’s the time to tell them to get a bill in place to re-establish net neutrality protections while you can still afford to contact them online.

Jennifer Brobst



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