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To the Editor:

Recently, there have been several suggestions by politicians to have selectively armed teachers in our public schools. I do hope that any school board would check with their insurance providers before allowing teachers to carry any weapons in the school.

Bodily injury and wrongful death lawsuits would be a tremendous liability to any school or teacher in a civil lawsuit. Additionally, most schools have walls lined with steel lockers and hard tiled floors. Ricochet potential for any stray rounds would in itself be a great hazard, especially in a school setting with children present.

I myself have served five years active duty and am an expert pistol shot. I could not imagine myself ever taking any high risk shot where innocent children are in potential line of direct or indirect fire. Arming teachers as a way to sent a message of false security is ludicrous. I have spent 33 years in the public schools teaching.

Steven Haldeman



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